Luminate College Hire Program

Accelerate your career in technology, business, and consulting.

Why Luminate?

The Luminate program provides the necessary training and preparation you need to be successful on client engagements in the exciting and challenging world of AI, machine learning, analytics, and Salesforce. Once through the Luminate program, we can guarantee you’ll get your hands dirty with some interesting challenges on a host of clients.

Through the program we promise you:

You’ll work with a brilliant, yet humble, team.

You’ll jump right in and make immediate contributions.

We’ll work with you to map out a career path and help you get there.

We contribute our collective skills and energy to the greater good.

We live it, we even measure it!

Earn multiple Salesforce certifications.

Learn the core fundamentals around AI and machine learning.

Learn the Atrium methodology for delivering projects.

Experience what it’s like to travel for business.

Help give back to your community through Atrium’s Cultivate program.

What our Luminate Participants Have to say:

"Luminate was a valuable way to begin working at Atrium because our team was gradually exposed to the many complexities that make up the consulting process from project to project. Luminate gave us a chance to begin learning the skills we will need to be successful in a supportive environment, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to get to know other Atrians and become part of an awesome team!"
Luminate Class of 2019
"Through Luminate, I have gained a better understanding of what the business side development responsibilities are. I have also gained a better understanding of how important communication is between development, testing, the business side, and the client-side of a project. Overall I am grateful for the rounded education the Luminate program has provided me, that I know I would not receive elsewhere.” ​
Luminate Class of 2019
“Coming from a heavy background in academic research I was worried about being overwhelmed when jumping into consulting. However, the Luminate program really put my mind at ease by giving me a thorough background understanding of the industry from those with years of experience. What made the program even more rewarding was getting to know and have fun with the others in the Luminate program who all helped and pushed me to learn more.”
Luminate Class of 2019

Learn more about what makes the Luminate program unique from our recent alums.

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