Why Atrium?

We inspire and empower our customers and teams to deliver BIG OUTCOMES by challenging conventional wisdom with data driven insights.

Traditional Consulting Models Are Being Disrupted

How Atrium Enables The Intelligent Experience ​

Define the Experience

Define the Intelligent Experience for Customers and End Users

Predict and Score

Build Machine Learning models and AI systems to generate insights

Surface Actions

Expose insights as recommended actions to users in their workflow

Tune and Refine

Refine your models to ensure your experience remains intelligent




Atrium partners with Salesforce.com to enable intelligent solutions leveraging the Einstein platform. We do this by utilizing Einstein to surface insights that can be exposed as recommended actions in a user’s daily workflow. 

At Atrium, we are proud to partner with the world’s leading customer experience platform to deliver on the game-changing promise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for our customers.

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