Success Story

Advertiser and Agency Pacing to Goals Insights

The Challenge

The Hulu Ad Sales team lacked visibility of pacing to goals and insights on advertiser/agency performance. Account Execs/Account Managers had limited visibility to key changes impacting their book of business and corresponding goals.

The Solution

Atrium conducted a persona-based “path of inquiry” workshop to define the Account Exec/Account Manager and Regional VP insights needed for managing pacing goals on both advertisers and agencies. Utilizing Einstein, universal analytics was deployed for all 7 of Hulu’s vertical markets including Strategic, National, Local, ATV (programmatic), Performance Marketing, and Political. This enabled pipeline tracking, visibility to goal pacing, and revenue shift changes. Account analytics was leveraged to identify quarterly measurements against previous year commitments, fulfillment upfronts, industry comparisons, and buying and planning agency contributions.

The Technology


Salesforce Einstein Analytics


Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Results

Atrium enabled Hulu with the visibility to understand booking trends in order to better advance their deal cycles, understand their performance pacing over previous years, and compare against other brands in the industry. Pipeline views were created to ensure accuracy, visibility to changes in revenue over time, and self-service inquiries of revenue shifts -- all tasks previously only handled by sales ops. Lastly, workflows were integrated directly from the analytics insights to increase seller productivity.

"One of the best consulting partnerships in my career. These guys know what they are doing and are fun to work with too!"

Kaitlyn McBride, Salesforce Systems Analyst, Hulu

About Hulu

Hulu is a subscription video on demand business, managed by the Disney Direct-to-Consumer segment.

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