Success Story

Predictive Insights from Parts Failure Analysis Leads to Preventive Maintenance and Cost Savings

The Challenge

Moog’s aftermarket team works with both manufacturers and airlines. The 787 is the newest platform, with digital wings communicating with the aircraft’s main flight controller. Moog was experiencing an increasing number of actuator parts failure, consisting of over 50 parts and assemblies. This is critical as every hour on the ground costs airlines thousands of dollars.

The Solution

Atrium executed a part failure analysis pilot using multiple data sources including flight usage and repair order details to identify the components with the highest likelihood to fail. From there, the discovery was expanded to capture critical components by incorporating in-flight messaging data, identifying the number of cycles (takeoffs/landings) which had the highest correlation for failure rates. To facilitate proactive collaboration with airlines on maintenance data visibility, Atrium implemented Heroku with Mulesoft, and later Einstein and Communities.

The Results

The insights gained from the intelligent systems pilot implemented by Atrium led to process improvements for proactive parts replacement driving significant ROI for Moog. The pilot achieved this by looking at key data features that impact the reliability of parts maintained by Moog on the 787. The pilot represents an opportunity for Moog to improve their ability to manage Service Level Agreements as well as better monetize service contracts with their customers.

About Moog

Moog is an American-based designer and manufacturer of motion and fluid controls and control systems for applications in aerospace, defense, industrial and medical devices.

The Technology

Tableau CRM

“The Atrium team was very engaging throughout this entire process. We were exploring very new territory on this project and the team was able to identify some very insightful features and help develop our program moving forward. Very special thank you to the entire team for their flexibility and hard work to make this a success.”

Jonathan Cornell


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