Salesforce platform management
for sales teams

Whether your Salesforce org, Tableau ,or Tableau CRM are customized or brand new, these systems all require regular monitoring and maintenance to reach their full potential. How do yours stack up?

There’s only one way to find out. Our team of experts can conduct an org assessment for you. 

We have helped a client discover over quarter of a million dollars worth of opportunities in just under 2 hours

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Atrium Org Assessment Overview

Elevate customers

“The Atrium team has been instrumental in my ability to execute on the roadmap and strategic vision I outlined for Tableau CRM within Twilio. We have limited resources to work on Tableau CRM so the work we’ve done together has not only greatly accelerated what we’ve been able to accomplish in just a few months, but it’s also helped prove the value of the tool and the scope of what is possible. Our stakeholders are more excited than ever to see what we build next.”

Measurable Results

100% Increased Lead Conversion

Over 18 months, one of our customers saw a 100% increase in lead conversion and an 8-figure impact on their topline revenue.

Uncover Missed Opportunities

Within just two hours of using an email prospecting solution we built for a customer, their AEs discovered $250K in missed opportunities.

How is Elevate Different?

Rather than the most basic maintenance and support you may find with traditional IT vendors, we help our customers with complex system enhancements, analytics and predictive models, and outcome-based support that aligns with their business needs.

How Does It Work?

With Elevate, we help organizations identify powerful possibilities with data science, the implementation of technologies to achieve breakthrough AI outcomes, and a long-term partnership model to support the critical tuning of intelligent platforms for ongoing, repeatable success. As part of your engagement, we combine flexible staffing models; DevOps and MLOps best practices; and in-demand, specialized skills to meet your needs and drive innovation.

Elevate Includes:

  • Ongoing assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your solution.
  • Fine-tuned solutions to accommodate changes to your business and data.
  • Enhancement and expansion of your solution with additional capabilities.
  • Access to specialized skill sets, such as Tableau, Tableau CRM, Salesforce, business analysis, data science, and more.

Paving the way for streamlined sales processes, higher productivity, and better data visibility that allows your team to focus on next steps for acquiring new customers and preventing churn… it’s easier said than done. Maybe you’ve invested money into an intelligent platform (or a few) like Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake.

And maybe you’ve already started on a path with analytics optimization and machine learning, but…

  • How do you make sure your technology investments stay intelligent over time?

  • Do you have the specialized data science, analytics, and Salesforce skills you need available in-house?

  • Are you able to scale project resources up and down as your needs change?

Whether you have a never-ending backlog, a Salesforce implementation in need of repair, or providing care and feeding to continue your success, Elevate can help.