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Driving Deposit Growth at Nicolet Bank with Salesforce Data Cloud

Tuesday, September 12 | 8am PT

Atrium Lounge at Ecosystem Coworking | 540 Howard Street

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Nicolet National Bank

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How are leading banks growing and retaining deposits? In this session, industry experts from Nicolet National Bank, Salesforce, and Atrium will detail how combining transaction data, analytics, and CRM strategy can help banks meet increasingly high customer expectations for personalization and speed while also gaining an advantage in a hypercompetitive market. With a look at real use cases and success patterns, you’ll learn tactical strategies to retain existing customers, increase deposit growth, increase operational efficiencies, and elevate the customer experience in the process.


Kelly Fischer

Chief Innovation Officer,
Nicolet National Bank

Wendy Batchelder

Wendy Batchelder

SVP, Chief Data Officer, Global Data Governance,

Valerie Weis

Valerie Weis

Financial Services Industry Lead,


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