Business Resilience Workshop

In today’s environment,
adaptation and resilience win

Disruptions due to the global pandemic are forcing businesses to consider how to move from survival mode to recovery mode in new market conditions.
Are you prepared to make the shift?

In this remote workshop, we will help your team develop a framework to optimize existing IT investments in order to understand recent business patterns and develop tactical go-forward plans.

We will:

  • Get your business ready for the post-COVID market shift.
  • Turn your data into insight and actions for new business patterns.
  • Plan and prioritize your business activities to align to post COVID objectives

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Example Agenda:


  • Articulation of Pre-COVID / Post-COVID Objectives, Priorities, and Tactics
  • Day In the Life (Demo and/or Process Review)
  • Targeted Personas
  • Business Stakeholder Participation

The goal is to create a simple action matrix that allows companies to understand high-value adaptation that can be delivered quickly in fluid market environments.

Prioritized "Quick Wins" with Implementation Plans