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Whitepaper: Drivers of Lead Propensity in Higher Education

WHITEPAPER Drivers of lead propensity in higher education The market for business students is rapidly growing every year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cited nearly half a million new jobs in 2015 in management alone (i.e., business careers). This trend is echoed throughout the world, and students want to prepare themselves well for this […]

Quick Industry Perspective: Higher Education

Higher Education

Quick industry perspective: Higher Education Higher education is changing fast. How are you meeting today’s biggest challenges? There’s been a major increase in students enrolling in online universities and classes. Watch and learn how you can drive a better, more intuitive, and intelligent experience for your enrollment advisors and students by using Salesforce and Tableau.

On-Demand Webinar: Intelligent Systems in Higher Education

On-Demand Webinar Intelligent Systems in Higher Education Overview There’s never been a more challenging time in higher education. With the onslaught of remote opportunities — and virtual learning as the new normal for traditional students as well as nontraditional students — come remote challenges. How can higher education institutions address roadblocks across enrollment, retention, and […]

Why It’s Time for Nonprofits and Higher Ed to Embrace AI

Things have changed drastically over the last several months for those in higher education and in the nonprofit space. With new social and economic struggles to contend with since Covid-19, what does the future hold for these industries? How can organizations plan for progress in an uncertain time? We spoke with Gene Zeyger, our Customer […]

What Is “Summer Melt” in Higher Ed? And How Can You Combat It?

The term “summer melt” is used in the education space to describe a phenomenon in which a student thought to be college-bound doesn’t appear. Definitions differ based on the interested party. To the university administration, this vexing problem appears when a student pays their deposit (indicating they’ll be attending) then either decides to attend another […]

Opportunities and Obstacles Facing Students and Institutions in Higher Ed

Higher education as we know it is changing. With the advent of Covid-19 and the increasingly complex nature of the student journey, universities are experiencing new challenges and opportunities for improvement at a rapid pace. How can universities identify at-risk students and engage them sooner? Where is the breakdown between acceptance and enrollment? What common […]