Sales Intelligence

We help companies transition sales applications into systems of intelligence that increase sales productivity and win rates. Our customers benefit from advanced analytics along with AI-powered predictions and recommendations.

Lead Scoring / Propensity to Buy
Predict which leads are most likely to convert, which could yield the highest ROI, and which customers are primed for reselling.
Intelligent Forecasting
Utilize machine learning predictions to help sales leadership develop more accurate forecasts
Sales Play Recommendations
Adapt sales playbook to improve sales strategies, decide what plays are best for the customer, and win more deals.
Territory Scoring
Predict the likelihood of area having opportunities and target suitable zip codes to increase sales.
Sales Rep Next Best Action
Analyze lead data and rep actions to suggest the next best action and increase win rate
Likelihood to Renew
Predict which customers are in danger of leaving allowing faster, more focused intervention in order to prevent churn.


It was fantastic to work with Atrium. The team quickly understood our unique needs and rapidly helped us make progress standing up Einstein. 

- Daniel Goldsmith, VP Analytics and Innovation, Pearson

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