The future of enterprise productivity with slack and tableau




What’s in it for you:

– Supercharge your enterprise productivity and collaboration with Slack and Tableau

– Scale intelligence across the enterprise

– Put data at the center of your conversations

– Extend your action framework and accelerate profits

future of enterprise productivity quick take

Get a sneak preview at driving productivity at scale in your company by combining the predictive insights of Tableau with the workflow capabilities of Slack. This combo presents a lot of opportunities for customers to get more value out of their data. With Slack being essentially a workflow engine, it will allow you to quickly extend your action on analytics at the moment of truth

Because of Slack’s incredible enterprise collaboration capabilities, it’s going to help you scale intelligence across your enterprise by taking these insights you would normally see in Tableau, or Tableau CRM, and pushing them into Slack to reach a broader audience that can act on that information, providing customized enterprise intelligent solutions and ultimately accelerating business outcomes.

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