On-Demand Higher Education Webinar

Improving Enrollment, Retention, and Student Success

Geoff Birnes

SVP, Customer Engagement & Co-Founder


John Gorup

Strategy Architect


Paul Harmon

Senior Data Science Consultant


Molly Emmett

Data Science Consultant


There’s never been a more challenging time in higher education. With the onslaught of remote opportunities — and virtual learning as the new normal for traditional students as well as nontraditional students — come remote challenges. How can higher education institutions address roadblocks across enrollment, retention, and student success?

In this high education webinar, the Atrium team provides insight into systems of intelligence that empower institutions and students alike. Watch and learn through an overview of trends in AI and higher education, customer use cases and success stories, and an intelligent system demo with actionable takeaways.

Learn more about how we help higher education institutions and students with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.