dreamforce 2021

September 21-23


There's a lot to watch, listen, and learn. Start here or scroll down to start with day one!

Watch a short webinar on modernizing your analytics and data strategy to turbocharge your customer experience or spend a few minutes on our two quick videos with timely insights for the ad sales and higher education industries.

Not all of your relevant customer data lives in your CRM. Watch and learn best practices for leveraging third-party data sources such as Tableau and Snowflake on the Salesforce platform to turbocharge your customer experience.

As digital ad spend continues to soar, how do publishers compete? Let us show you how you can maximize ad sales revenue as well as optimize account executives' integration with agencies and advertisers through the use of predictive insights.

There's been a major increase in students enrolling in online universities and classes. Watch and learn how you can drive a better, more intuitive, and intelligent experience for your enrollment advisors and students by using Salesforce and Tableau.


Get proactive about acquisition and retention with a short webinar on solving RevOps problems (with a demo!) or take a few minutes to watch our two quick videos focused on trucking employee operations and efficiency in the medtech industry.

Stop gambling with your limited marketing and sales resources. Let us show you how to take the right actions in your business to keep the customers you have and attract the ones you want.

Did you know? Employee turnover in the trucking industry is as high as 95%. Watch and learn some of the innovative use cases and capabilities you can use to help with overall driver operations.

Over a 10-year period, supply shocks can cost a medtech company 38% of one year's earnings. Watch and learn as we discuss use cases and driving a more efficient call center to address some of your supply chain challenges.


Watch a short webinar on the power of combining Slack and Tableau to supercharge productivity (with a demo!) or spend a few minutes on our two quick videos with actionable insight into mortgage lending and preemptive maintenance.

Insights anywhere, action anywhere: it's possible. Watch and learn how to drive productivity at scale in your company by combining the predictive insights of Tableau with the workflow capabilities of Slack.

The mortgage industry has seen a huge spike in demand, especially during the Covid pandemic. See how you can improve the overall lending experience for your customers with intuitive, intelligent analytics solutions.

Predictive maintenance can reduce downtime by 45%. Find out how you can benefit from intelligent service management to improve machine uptime, increase revenue, and improve visibility into required parts inventory.


Watch and learn wherever you are! See what other videos and articles we have for you focused on acquisition, retention, forecasting, and service success with Tableau CRM, Tableau, Snowflake, and more.

What's On Your Mind?

Looking for clarity around Slack and Salesforce? How about connecting your architecture to broaden your Salesforce experience with systems like Snowflake and Tableau? Or addressing customer churn and acquisition in a programmatic way? Let us be your guide this season.