Improving experiences and providing better patient outcomes with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.

Here are some of the ways Atrium can help deliver intelligent business solutions in Healthcare and Life Sciences.
Consumables Revenue Management
Visibility into Consumables Revenue including Product Mix and Trending Over-Time. Includes Management and Account Views
Cross Sell & Whitespace
Identify cross BU opportunities based on demand signals sourced from other divisions
Likelihood to Win Capital Equipment
Score complex Opportunities for propensity and prioritize which actions to take next to move a deal forward
Clinical Trial Operations Mgt.
Improve the operations of Clinical Trials to help speed new therapies to market. Utilize analytics to understand enrollment gaps, classify issues and study velocity
Likelihood to Refer (Advocacy Score)
Identify and improve an HCP’s likelihood to prescribe a given therapy.
Therapy Conversion
Connect with potential patients earlier upstream in a patient’s “care flow” to shrink the path to therapy.

Consulting Services from Atrium

Data plays a critical role in the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry. Our team knows how to help you effectively harness yours to create seamless, intelligent experiences that support patients and consumers — as well as achieve ROI on your data science investments.

With extensive experience advising, implementing, and optimizing intelligent solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences companies, we empower our clients to make smarter decisions and act on them with analytics, AI, and related technologies.

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