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Revolutionizing banking, wealth management, and insurance with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.

Whether you’re focused on customer acquisition, retention, intelligent forecasting, or a particular use case, we can help you get where you want to go.


Knowing your entire portfolio and keeping track of everything can be time-consuming. We help bankers and advisors know when to take what actions in order to attract customers, expand services, and reach new markets.

Lead and Referral Scoring

Increase net new customers, improve LOB conversions, and increase banker/advisor efficiency through:

• Leads and referrals
• Likelihood scoring models
• OMNI routing
• Action plans
• Lightning Scheduler

Likelihood for Wealth Management

Expand profitable services and advance customers to a higher value segmentation with help from these capabilities:

• Customer 360
• Financial goals
• Propensity for wealth services scoring
• Customer journeys

Center of Influence Scoring

Identify the strength of relationships for existing Centers of Influence and the potential for early-stage COI partners with the following capabilities:

• Referrals and external referral partners
• Likelihood to influence scoring
• Action plans
• Lightning Scheduler


Traditionally, a customer’s unhappiness and likelihood to attrit is difficult to predict — until it’s too late. We work on early warning systems to show you which customers may be in danger of churning and why.

Book Strength of Relationship

Understand overall health of the Book, where opportunities are to re-engage, and next best offer/conversations to strengthen the relationship through these capabilities:

• Book of business
• Strength of relationship scoring
• Next Best Offer/conversation
• Action plans
• Lightning Scheduler

Customer Insights

Prioritize engagement by quickly identifying proactive insights to better financial management and servicing (e.g., recent first-time fee, loans terming, etc.) with the following capabilities:

• Customer 360
• Financial accounts and goals
• Notifications
• Next Best Action
• Life events

Likelihood to Orphan Accounts or Account Diminishment

Get early indications of potential customer attrition, as well as an opportunity to re-engage with financial needs discussion for other services and offerings through:

• Book of business
• Financial accounts
• Likelihood to orphan
• Next Best Offer/conversation


Financial institutions need to be able to predict which customers may be immediate opportunities and what financial products they may be interested in. We take a data-driven approach to suggesting whom to contact with what offer.

Grow Wallet Share

Identify the share of wallet potential for the customer or household — as driven by deposits, AUM, product lines, etc. and prioritize outreach, offers, and relationship activities through:

• Book of business
• Financial accounts and goals
• Next Best Offer
• Action plans

Whitespace and LOB Cross Potential

Identify cross LOB opportunities for the customer and household based on product balance and transactions, sociodemographics, and external data sources — with the following capabilities:

• Multi-org analytics
• Book of business
• Householding
• Likelihood by product line

Drive Win Rate

As an essential part of the machine learning process, use results from predictions to drive win rate by:

• Assisting with LOB-based forecasting projections
• Improving forecast accuracy
• Prioritizing opportunities with the highest potential

Proven Customer Success

“We have had a wonderful experience with Atrium. What stood out most throughout the project was their knowledge, communication, turnaround time, and overall care for doing a great job on the project. They have an excellent staff that is really easy to work with. We look forward to working with them in the future.”

Demo: Predictive Insights in Tableau

Get a firsthand look at our business science embedded predictive dashboard built in Tableau for wealth asset managers.

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