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Here are some of the ways Atrium can help deliver intelligent business solutions in Financial Services.
Acquisition & Referral Management

Prioritized leads for acquisition and referrals across lines of business, based on the likelihood to convert. Focus on top priorities and drive a higher level of conversion of new customers and a higher stickiness for existing customers.

Next Best OFFER

Personalize customer experience by delivering custom product recommendations. Provide real-time recommendations to increase conversions, cross-sell, and up-sell.

Client Lifetime Value

Prioritize client engagement activities based on predicting which client will drive the highest lifetime revenue.

Client Attrition Risk

Provide better insights into what is causing attrition. Predict the likelihood of a client leaving and take proactive steps to prevent current and future attrition.

Predictive Service

Provide proactive servicing based on predictable topics (e.g.: likelihood for a fee reversal, card activation, card declines, large transactions, etc) therefore reducing inbound servicing costs, average handle time, and strengthening the overall relationship with the customer.


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