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New Frontier for Customer Retention

Getting started with an effective customer retention strategy isn’t as easy as one would hope. As we tackle the concepts that make for an effective customer retention strategy, we revisit our data-driven approach and Atrium’s method of determining your readiness to adopt intelligent solutions in aiding customer retention.

Atrium uses a readiness assessment that can be leveraged by sales and strategy teams within your organization to assess the maturity of your company’s retention strategy. In order to effectively evaluate your organization’s current maturity level, we evaluate against six key principles:

  1. Customer Attrition Data
  2. Strategic Initiative
  3. Data Governance
  4. Existing Application
  5. Functional
  6. New Frontier

Atrium’s readiness approach takes a deep dive into your organization’s current state by analyzing personas, KPIs, analytics tools, data architecture, and current state architecture. We provide a thoroughly thought-out roadmap on how we can guide you through the crawl, walk, and run stage of the product life cycle. 

In this article, we will be focusing on how we can prepare your organization for the new frontier of customer retention strategies. What does your product vision and journey look like, and how do we enable employees to adapt to the growth along the way?

3 Key Metrics Associated with Your Functional Transformation 

Atrium’s approach to helping your organization prepare for the new frontier of customer retention focuses on three key metrics: Client-Side Technical Necessity, Product Vision and Journey Map, and Change Management Approach.

Client-Side Technical Necessity

With Client-Side Technical Necessity, Atrium wants to help your organization grow, but also to create a wave of workers that can support the changes that are occurring in your product lifecycle. Do you have a dedicated team that can support the integration of new tools and processes, or will it require Atrium’s Elevate program to help you get through the hurdles? Not only are we helping you build solutions, we also want to help your team understand what the business outcome means to you and your company’s growth. Can your internal team handle and commit to building the product vision? 

Journey Map | Product Vision

For Journey Map and Product vision, we take a deeper dive into how we can help your organization create a unified measure of success with an aligned set of desired business outcomes. Do you have internal documentation built out to support the understanding of how your business currently operates? Does your team understand what tools and systems are used and how they connect? Aligning a cross-functional team on what the product life cycle and vision looks like is the first step in creating a team that is excited to help the organization expand. 

Change Management Approach

Finally, for Process Change and Definition, Atrium guides your organization on how to translate business insight into action across the enterprise to maximize time and value. Process remediation can add both technical and change management efforts to the overall project and program.

Finally, for the Change Management Approach, Atrium guides your organization on how to prepare for these changes as a whole, and also advocates for employee experience. Establishing product champions and a method for training are vital components in preparing your team for what is to come.  

Case Study: Improving Analytics Adoption and Envisioning the Future of Intelligent Sales for SCI

Service Corporation International’s (SCI) Tableau CRM dashboards had adoption challenges beyond even the executive level. There was a lack of understanding about how to leverage AI and machine learning for data-driven recommendations to optimize sales activities and to guide business decisions.

Atrium hosted a series of Intelligent Experience Workshops with SCI. Through these sessions, we identified and aligned business objectives, defined and prioritized persona-based pain points and use cases, and established a vision for a data-driven solution. In the end, SCI chose Atrium’s Elevate service. SCI’s dataflows were optimized to support dashboard extensions and improvements. Executive dashboard functionality was extended and data visualizations were broadened, supporting Sales Manager stakeholders. A new dashboard for seminars was created as well.

The enhancements were met with great success. Right away, SCI experienced improved performance and functionality of existing dashboards to support prioritized backlogs and rollout to Sales Directors and Managers. Executive-level alignment on intelligent sales and talent management solutions brought improved sales efficiencies, higher lead conversion rates, and optimized performance management, laying the foundation for guided Sales Associate coaching.

We Can Do More to Help You Define Your Functional Processes

Atrium’s approach to new frontier for customer retention strategies provides your organization with the means to prepare for long-term adoption and maturity. By using our readiness assessment, we can help your organization prepare for developing your team on technical necessity, product vision and journey map, and change management approach as your organization implements new technologies. 

Learn more about Atrium’s services and see how we can support your customer retention strategy.