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Tableau Pulse Services

Empower analysts and business stakeholders with data insights at their fingertips

Tableau Pulse represents the next generation of Tableau functionality, enabling a universal analytics experience for users of all abilities, backgrounds, and seniority. Now users without deep analytical knowledge can have metrics tailored to their needs and receive insights directly in their flow of work. Combined with Atrium’s Tableau consulting services, we’ll help your organization move up the data analytics maturity curve and improve data literacy across the business.

Tableau Pulse Capabilities

Empower your team with personalized, contextualized, and intelligent insights directly in their everyday workflow.


Allow users to view the KPIs they care about right within the flow of your existing Tableau work. Metrics can be easily interpreted by users of all levels of data literacy.


Gain seamless drilldowns to understand the root cause of KPI results. Tableau Pulse also suggests which underlying factors are having the greatest effect on your KPI.


Consume these insights not only within Tableau, but everywhere you work (i.e., via email, mobile, Slack, or in your browser) — to get real-time insights exactly when and where you need them.

Solutions to Maximize the Value of Tableau Pulse

At Atrium, we serve companies through a strategic approach that combines CRM, data, and AI. Our services can help you get the most value out of Tableau Pulse.

Pulse Quickstarts

Get started quickly and easily with Tableau Pulse. We’ll assess your data so that your analytics insights are trustworthy, and we’ll help you build out the metrics you need to start seeing value.

Data Engineering Services

Get more value from your data by extracting and cleaning it, consolidating it into data lakes/warehouses/other systems, and more. Build a reliable data foundation for your analytics across Tableau and other solutions.

Tableau Cloud Migration

With Tableau Cloud, experience a faster time to value and a lower cost of ownership. We’ll help you migrate your existing instance to Tableau Cloud so you can receive these benefits and also leverage newer capabilities, such as Tableau AI and Pulse.

Salesforce Data Cloud

Data Cloud serves as a powerful foundation for Tableau and Tableau Pulse. We’ll set up Salesforce Data Cloud for you and pull in your existing data from various systems, so you can leverage it within Tableau.

Data Literacy and Change Management

Improve data literacy across your organization and leverage personalized change management services to increase adoption of Tableau Pulse metrics and other analytics insights.

Watch and Learn: Driving Real Business Outcomes with Generative AI

Cut through the hype and learn how to drive real business outcomes with generative AI. In this on-demand webinar, we partner with Tableau to discuss the current generative AI landscape, share a spectrum of feasible and practical applications, and walk through current solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem, like Einstein GPT, Tableau AI, and Tableau Pulse.

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Our certified Salesforce experts provide industry-specific strategy, implementation, and managed services across Salesforce Clouds and related technologies.

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Achieve data-driven decision-making, enable growth, and streamline your business intelligence strategy with our Tableau consulting services.

As certified Snowflake consultants with expertise in Salesforce and Tableau, we can help you unlock the full potential of Snowflake's capabilities and maximize the value of your data.

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