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Salesforce CRM Analytics Consulting

Anticipate your customers’ needs and act on them with CRM Analytics

You’ve laid the foundation: Salesforce has been providing you with automation, allowing you to increase process time and gather greater, consistent customer data. But you know there’s still more value hidden in your data — and that you need to be able to keep up with changing dynamics and evolving customer needs. But you can’t act on data that lives outside of your everyday workflow. What can you do?

In order to accelerate and sustain growth, you need to be able to predict and prescribe actions. That requires accurate forecasting, increased customer retention, and identifying new customers and buying centers. But with the amount of data doubling yearly and the demands of your go-to-market team increasing, finding actionable insights can be tough. Like many of our customers you are being asked:

  • Sales and renewals are down… but why?
  • How can we increase customer spend through account-based marketing?
  • How can we get a 360-degree view of our customers or patients?
  • Where’s the ROI on our marketing campaign efforts?

Whether one or all of those apply to you, you’re not alone. We can help you wherever you are on your CRM Analytics journey with expert Salesforce analytics consulting services.

We Know CRM Analytics

As Salesforce analytics consulting pros and certified CRM Analytics experts, we unlock our customers’ data to surface insights where users actually work — across sales, service, and marketing. Our strategic approach delivers on your unique business needs and outcomes by combining deep Salesforce implementation experience with data science innovation and best practices. We enable you to:

  • Provide personalized insights that drive the next best action for your sales, service, and marketing teams.
  • Apply specific enhancements to realize greater internal adoption by focusing on measurable processes, resulting in effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Apply AI to operationalized use cases, driving immediate impact and freeing up your team to execute on strategic, valuable activities.
  • Pinpoint ways to enhance your underlying business processes and Salesforce configuration.

Our CRM Analytics Consulting Offerings

Stand Up

Start your analytics journey strong within Salesforce! This short, comprehensive 3-4 week project will stand up 4-6 visualizations from Atrium’s library of pre-built accelerators.

During the process, we’ll also set you up for long-term success by establishing your data foundation for additional dashboards as the need arises in the future.


Actionable insights in a dashboard and/or embedded in Salesforce for a specific persona and use case, customized to your needs.

In 4-6 weeks, our team will design and build a solution to satisfy your highest-priority use case exactly the way you need, rapidly delivering up to 15 total lenses (e.g., charts, complex filters, etc.) and accelerating your analytics journey.

Quickstart Plus

Quickly enable your internal analytics team! Quickstart Plus takes our Quickstart project and weaves in hands-on training on CRM Analytics for up to 5 team members. They’ll complete labs customized to fit your business, solidifying their understanding of CRM Analytics while also contributing toward the delivery of a production-ready dashboard (up to 15 lenses) that satisfies your highest-priority use case.


Our standard implementation typically runs 8-9 weeks and delivers 2-3 dashboards with up to 30 total lenses. Examples of these types of projects: sales performance dashboards for both reps and managers; insights for financial services customers across book of business, calling activity and pipeline for a single business unit; an agent performance dashboard plus an organization service performance dashboard.

Implementation Plus

More complex footprint? (E.g., some data resides outside of Salesforce but is accessible via connector, you want to include an initial opportunity scoring or lead scoring model.) Fortunately, there's Implementation Plus, allowing for some extra time (typically an additional 3 weeks) to accomplish those more complex components of your solution, or to deliver even more insights (up to 45 lenses) as part of the engagement.

Custom Implementation

One-size-fits-all isn’t always the case. Naturally, not everyone will fit into a pre-configured pattern or implementation engagement.

For those instances in which something custom seems to be the path forward, our team will work with yours to understand areas of complexity, map out scope, and produce an estimate that aligns with your business needs.

CRM Analytics Accelerators

We believe in intelligent systems — systems that integrate descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights into the day-to-day processes of users. Our team has been designing and implementing these systems across the vast majority of our projects, giving us a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t, and where businesses are seeing the greatest value from certain types of insights. That’s where our CRM Analytics accelerators come into play.

After years of building solutions on CRM Analytics, we’ve developed a way to build solutions more quickly without sacrificing quality or complexity. Our accelerators depend on many of the same principles as the pre-built CRM Analytics Apps, with a few key differences:

  • We’ve created everything at the component level, so you pick and choose only the components that best fit your business. We take the component concept down to individual lenses, as well as data recipe and underlying data architecture patterns.
  • We’ve decoupled the hardwiring between UI components and data components. Your Salesforce org is unique, so we’ve built our accelerators on a common set of API names, which means they can be adjusted to work with your data in the necessary form.
  • Accelerator out of the box or custom, we can help. If we don’t already have an accelerator that suits your use case, our team is skilled and experienced in customizing an ideal solution for your business.

CRM Analytics for Sales and Service

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Streamline your revenue operations, accelerate sales cycles, and feel more confident in your forecasting with Revenue Intelligence.

Our CRM Analytics experts will help you surface valuable data insights by incorporating intelligence and automation into your sales workflows — and empower your team with the tools they need to close more deals.

Salesforce Service Intelligence

We can help you leverage the power of Service Intelligence to reduce operating costs, improve service efficiency, and wow your customers with personalized support.

Whether you need a little customization or a lot, our analytics experts will deliver a unified data experience and equip your agents with the insights to provide next-level service at every touchpoint.

Analytics That Leverage the Power of Einstein

CRM Analytics is not only useful for building insightful, actionable dashboards; it’s also a perfect way to incorporate powerful predictive insights into dashboards. At Atrium, we don’t believe these are separate decisions. If your dashboards don’t have some predictive elements (or you don’t at least have it on your roadmap), you’re behind the curve.

Our goal is to build you the descriptive insights you need, but also take advantage of the power of Einstein Discovery to create predictive models to supplement those insights. Are you planning to create a dashboard focused on pipeline? Make sure you have a plan to incorporate an initial opportunity scoring model to help guide your sales team. Looking for dashboards to visualize your lead conversion funnel? Don’t build it without planning for a light propensity-to-convert model for those leads. Getting started with Einstein Discovery in tandem with your dashboards will help ensure you don’t find yourself behind your competitors when analyzing your data.

Tableau and CRM Analytics: Which is Right for You?

Whitepaper Tableau and CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics and Tableau? CRM Analytics vs. Tableau? Many Salesforce customers still have questions when it comes to which tool (or combination of analytics tooling) is right for them. Written by analytics experts at Atrium, this whitepaper takes a use-case-by-use-case approach in demystifying the two analytics tools and helping you understand the consideration for each.

Our Partners

Salesforce logo

Our team of certified Salesforce experts is made up of uniquely skilled leaders who have spent years focused on customer acquisition and engagement, CRM Analytics and data science, and strategy consulting, as well as specific industries, Salesforce Clouds, and related technologies.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce CRM Analytics implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud for all your data needs.

Mulesoft logo

Access key data insights and manage your relationships with a 360 view and experience within Salesforce — with time-saving efficiencies provided by MuleSoft, the #1 integration and API platform.​

By partnering with AWS, we demystify important AI capabilities and build the operationalized AI that fits your unique needs. Get AI everywhere and actions anywhere — by focusing on which predictive and prescriptive analytics drive the best outcomes.

How We Get Results

Here’s a look at how we help you get the most out of your data and investment in Salesforce and CRM Analytics with our unique approach to transformative analytics.

AI strategy

Experience Design

Our user-centric approach to design includes:

  • Persona identification
  • Path of inquiry
  • Visualization wireframing
  • Data design

Agile Insight Creation

Insights as fast as you need them. Here’s how:

  • Data foundation
  • Iterative development and testing
  • Collaborative review
  • User acceptance

Embedded and Actionable

Convenient and intuitive, you’ll get:

  • Insights in users’ everyday workflow
  • Pre-filtered to the logged-in user
  • Underlying action framework to drive meaningful ROI

Proven Success with CRM Analytics

3M was looking to drive a consistent selling process across several different lines of business consisting of thousands of users within multiple divisions. They needed the ability to enable their internal team to design, build, and support Einstein dataflows and dashboards. Learn how we set them up for success with CRM Analytics.

Nutanix needed to make it easier for sales reps to quickly drill down and understand the reasons why other reps won (or lost) opportunities similar to those they were working. Find out how we impressed their team with the speed to deliver and recency of data. (Fresh data every hour with CRM Analytics... as compared to a formerly 24-hour lag.)

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