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Tableau Managed Services

Get a dedicated team to support your Tableau deployment and analytics growth needs

Tableau is a powerful analytics platform, but what happens after implementation? With Tableau Managed Services from Atrium, you can outsource your Tableau management to a team of proven Tableau experts. We’ll help manage your instance over time, make sure your data is trustworthy and ready for Tableau usage, and build new visualizations to support the ongoing needs of your users.

Our Tableau Managed Services

Atrium provides you with expertise across CRM strategy, data, analytics, and AI so you get the long-term benefits you need from Tableau.

Strategy and Advisory

Get an approach to BI modernization that starts with a data and analytics strategy. We’ll partner with you to identify problem areas and desired outcomes, prioritize goals, and advise on next steps for Tableau.

Analytics and Data Visualization

As your business changes and grows, so do the needs of your users. Build new data visualizations for your business and maintain your analytics assets over time.

Data Science and AI

Go beyond descriptive into predictive and prescriptive insights. Our data science and AI services help you leverage predictive intelligence and generative AI to take your insights to the next level.

Data Engineering

Great analytics relies on great data. Our data engineering services help you maintain data integrity and structure data so your Tableau dashboards deliver powerful, trustworthy business insights.

Business Change Enablement

Ensure the success of Tableau with upskilling and business change enablement. We’ll help you improve user adoption, provide training, and help create analytics proficiency across your organization.

Managed Services Explained in Under Two Minutes

Benefits of Managed Services

Building a team with the expertise you need to fully manage your Tableau data and analytics needs can be prohibitively expensive. With Elevate, Atrium’s Managed Services offering, you get the cross-functional expertise you need for less than hiring a full-time team with those capabilities and with added flexibility.

Strategic Guidance

Go beyond clearing backlog items and get strategic guidance on your data and analytics roadmap. Atrium’s Tableau experts help you stay up-to-date with new features and get the most out of Tableau.


Get a diverse set of skills with the cross-functional expertise you need all for less than hiring a full-time team. Change the make-up of your team as your business needs change.


As your business grows and evolves, the types of skills your business needs change as well. With our managed services offering, you get a long-term, capacity-based agreement, resulting in more predictable and scalable spend.

Platform Expertise

Get certified expertise in Tableau as well as the other platforms it connects with, such as Salesforce, Snowflake, and more. We’ll help you build out your visualizations, improve your data quality, and surface insights in the systems you use every day.

Industry Expertise

Atrium’s industry expertise spans verticals including financial services, manufacturing, technology, and more. Get best practices and new ideas for visualizations based on trends in your industry.

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Let's discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them with our Tableau managed services.