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Data Strategy Services

Do more with your data — with proven strategy consulting and expert guidance that pays for itself

Most organizations have processes and technologies in place to consume data. It’s the actionability that tends to lack — across organizations of every size, shape, and customer base. Do you have high-quality data? Is it timely? Are you in the weeds cleaning up errors, maintaining overly complex systems, or managing security risks? Every business would like its data to be able to deliver personalized insights that drive growth, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction in the process.

Best of all, it’s possible. We can help you get beyond manual data collection and reactive processes. Reap the benefits of actionable, automated data analytics and AI with data strategy specific to your business.

The Data Difference at Atrium

It’s not about accumulating data — it’s about improving the quality, timeliness, and actionability of your data. Here’s a look at how we shift businesses toward a data-driven mindset:

Predictive and Prescriptive Insights

Shift from reactive to predictive and prescriptive with a curated experience aligned with outcomes — all to amplify behavioral change.

Business Context

Place intelligence and data in the flow of the business process, making sense of it for your purposes. No more one-size-fits-all approach.

Action Framework

To be successful with data actionability, you need a user-driven approach and an action framework that drives effectiveness and ROI.

What’s Included with Data Design and Strategy

We build scalable data architectures that enable the use of high-quality, relevant, and accessible data, reducing administrative costs and increasing productivity for your team.

Data Migration

We know what it takes to implement and migrate data from legacy systems to the cloud. That also means your implementation is on time and on budget — with guided expertise every step of the way.

Data Governance

A secure foundation matters when it comes to your data. Our team will help you define the proper controls and ensure policies are in place to make your data consistent, trustworthy, and flexible.

Data Engineering

Plan and build reliable data pipelines to ingest, transform, and deliver data where it needs to be. We use Snowflake’s tools (e.g., Snowpipe and Snowpark) to consolidate data and reduce pipeline complexity.

AI and Data Science

As experts in AI and data science, we help you identify ideal use cases that drive business value, prioritize additional data sources to increase data model relevancy, and move models to production with ease by leveraging Snowpark.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Integration

Snowflake and Tableau work together seamlessly to provide a single source of truth. Snowflake was designed with large data volumes in mind and is enhanced by Tableau’s simplicity and intuitive interactivity.

Data Adoption and Change Enablement

It's not enough to simply think of your data as an asset. Your teams need to understand its value and how to act on it. Our experts can design a change enablement approach to help your team use data intelligently, increasing their data literacy.

Managed Services

As your business changes, your data changes with it. We are equipped to help you and your data evolve on an ongoing basis with our managed service offering. In addition to data strategy services, we can pull in analytics and data science to make your data predictive and actionable.

Next Step: Data Science

Getting started with data science and data strategy can be daunting — whether you’re working within Snowflake, Tableau, Salesforce, or connecting the dots between the different systems. Knowing what kind of support you need is a good first step. You may benefit from data science consulting if any of these questions seem familiar to you:

  • How do I move the organization to think about data as a product and monetize our data?
  • My data science team is stretched thin. How doI tackle and scale data science?
  • My approach to analytics and AI is fragmented. How can I get to actionable outcomes?
  • Where can I get more resources to convert legacy data into a modern BI architecture to answer the most pressing sales, service, and marketing needs?

Whether one or all of those apply to you, you’re not alone. We can help you wherever you are on your data science journey.

Our Partners

Salesforce logo

Together, Snowflake and Salesforce provide access to the right information, at the right time, within the flow of where people work in Salesforce today. Simplifying access to information from Snowflake can drive better decision making and better business outcomes. As your Salesforce certified consultant, we are equipped to guide you following best practices on both platforms.

Tableau logo

We pride ourselves on being the market leader in providing intelligent experience solutions on the Salesforce platform. As such, we combine CRM strategy, data science, Snowflake, and Tableau software implementation expertise to drive sustainable business intelligence solutions on the Tableau platform for businesses across all industries.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs. Combining Snowflake with your existing systems, such as Tableau, is an area we specialize in.

With a combined focus on your business needs and the application of our AI and machine learning expertise, we help you find data signals to drive business outcomes, architect a better customer experience, and more using AWS — with specialization in Amazon SageMaker.

Proven Customer Success with Data Strategy Consulting


The US Foods sales teams had too many sources of information, but no single source of truth. They needed a tailored visualization experience that presents the most important KPIs and drives action to keep their sales team in Salesforce.

Learn about the “Big Why” dashboard we redesigned for US Foods and how we worked together to map relevant data sources in Snowflake and Salesforce.

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