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Driving greater ROI for proven and emerging technology innovators with the leading analytics and AI solutions.

Get Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Industry

We’re in an age of hyperconnectivity. The technology industry has become increasingly crowded in a competitive effort to keep the pace, let alone set it. Even the most cutting-edge companies are tasked with adapting to lightning-speed changes without compromising customer-centric innovation and revenue growth.

Technology Industry Solutions

We help tech leaders simultaneously win now and plan for what’s next with improvements to sales productivity, forecast accuracy, and customer satisfaction — doing measurable good to your bottom line and standing in the market.

Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers with a personalized approach to the buying journey. With predictive analytics that help target the right customers at the right time, you can help your sales team hit their targets with increased lead conversion, higher opportunity win rates, and faster deal cycles.

Customer Growth

Grow your customer base strategically by surfacing and tracking timely demographic- and customer-specific data. Reap the revenue benefits of seller and customer success alignment, data-driven planning, relevant upselling, and whitespace insights.

Churn Prevention

Increase CSAT and NPS, decrease client attrition, and streamline client servicing with a 360 view of your customer. Get predictions from multiple sources (e.g., usage, cases, surveys, forecast, activities) and fuel R&D investments with a customer 360 feedback loop.

Sales Productivity Optimization

Enhance the efficiency of sales, empowering them to increase productivity and drive greater revenue. With a guided selling journey, improve cross-departmental collaboration, eliminate time-wasting processes, and retain star sellers.


Forecasting is challenging for many sales organizations. Whatever your use case — simple or as complex as consumption forecasting — get ahead with a data-driven approach. Set realistic quotas, understand key drivers of deal conversion, and prioritize which opportunities are most likely to convert.

The Atrium Difference: CRM + Data + AI

At Atrium, we’ve spent years enhancing the service experience for businesses in tech through a strategic approach that combines CRM, data, and AI. With our industry-specific expertise across analytics, AI, and data strategy, we are the right partner to help you get started quickly while also taking into consideration the complexity of your business across different products and your long-term business goals.

Speaking of getting started quickly… Here’s a detailed look at our library of pre-built components to help you get the most value out of CRM Analytics and Tableau — with video previews of each. Think sales forecasting, client attrition risk, new customer insights, and much more — all simplified.

360 Data Insights and Action with AI for Tech Businesses

The combination of AI and CRM has the power to provide today’s tech businesses with the actionable insights and harmonized data they need to succeed. But how are you keeping up with the revenue benefits provided by Salesforce Data Cloud, Revenue Intelligence, and Tableau? Watch and learn as data leaders from Tableau and Atrium demonstrate how Revenue Intelligence and Data Cloud bring data together and activate it with Tableau.

Proven Customer Success

We partnered with Twilio on their journey to prioritize prospecting, pipeline and deal visibility, and consumption forecasting. As a result of our engagement, the Twilio team saw a $14M annual benefit in the first year via productivity optimization and new pipeline. The 5-year benefit has proven to be $70M as a result of decreasing deal cycle time and improving win rate with likelihood to buy and account whitespacing insights.

Our Partners

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We specialize in data-driven strategy across Salesforce for high tech— Data Cloud, UE+, and beyond. From advisory services to managed services, we can help you maximize ROI on your Salesforce.

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We combine CRM strategy, data science, and Tableau implementation expertise to drive innovative solutions, accessible insights, and powerful visualizations on the Tableau platform for businesses in tech.

Our Elite Snowflake consultants — combined with our deep data science expertise and Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud to the fullest extent.

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