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Strategy and Advisory Services

We partner with you to identify problem areas and desired outcomes, prioritize business goals, and advise on the steps to get there using analytics, AI, and data-driven CRM

Our Personalized Approach to Strategy and Advisory Services

At Atrium, our team of certified consultants specialize in Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake, and other technologies you use every day. We start by understanding your specific use cases and needs and personalizing our approach to ensure that your data strategy, platforms, and processes are aligned to better support your customers and your business.

Data Strategy

Data Strategy

It’s not about stockpiling data — it’s about improving its quality, timeliness, and actionability. We build scalable data architectures that enable the use of high-quality, accessible data, reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Analytics and Data Visualization Strategy

We specialize in analytics tooling across Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake, and many third-party data sources. We can help make your data consumable, usable, and best of all, visual — everywhere your team needs to access it.

Business Change Enablement

Successful adoption takes a partnership mentality and strategy. We take the time and care to help put your technical needs into the right context to help you realize the value of your technology investments for the long term.

Salesforce Strategy

Achieve data-driven CRM with advisory services from certified Salesforce consultants. We provide industry-specific strategy, implementation, and managed services across Salesforce Clouds and your related platforms.

Tableau Strategy

Maximize the value of Tableau with consulting services designed to enable growth and streamline your business intelligence strategy. Get data visualizations everywhere and predictions anywhere your users work.

Snowflake Strategy

Our certified Snowflake consultants can help you realize Snowflake’s full potential. We can transform your data from operational and manual reporting and analytics to predictive analytics and cloud-based analytics and AI.

Strategy and Advisory Services Unique to Your Industry

We know the importance of data, but more importantly, we know how to apply analytics, AI, and CRM expertise to drive business outcomes specific to your industry. We provide strategy and advisory services to businesses in the following industries, with experience in many others.​

Financial Services

We help financial services firms in commercial and retail banking, wealth and asset management, and mortgage create seamless, intuitive experiences to attract and retain customers while maximizing ROI on technology investments.

Life Sciences

With specialization in medtech, we help life sciences companies leverage data to support and empower patients and consumers every step of the way with critical insight into their life cycle through predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.


There’s a lot at stake when it comes to data across advertisers, agencies, publishers, and more media industry professionals. We provide deeper insight and actionability when it comes to bookings and revenue forecasting, campaign management, and more.

Generative AI Strategy and Advisory Services

Are you using generative AI for your business yet? Our data science experts can help you understand real use cases and action plans to get results with generative AI embedded in CRM. With in-depth knowledge and expertise in generative AI techniques across Einstein GPT, Tableau GPT, and more, our team can create powerful generative models that generate realistic and high-quality outputs and provide actual business value.

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