Dashboard Adoption Quick Start Workshop

You have spent months building a dashboard that will enable better decision-making and drive value for the business. Now that the product is nearing launch, it is time to step back. The dashboard is a powerful tool, but if your end users don’t have the support they need to use it, it may gather dust in the corner.

Questions to consider

Do you have a plan to onboard your end users?

Have you defined monitoring, accountability, and ownership responsibilities that will ensure the adoption is sustained?

Have you recruited sponsors with authority from the end-user business units to deliver communications related to core use cases?

Having designed, developed, and deployed dashboards across industries and digital ecosystems,
we’ve seen best and worst practices related to launching dashboards.

What Works

A right-sized combination of end user communications, training, and influence

  • Influence comes first– ensure that the right influencers are recruited to define metrics and rewards, deliver communications, and promote the dashboard’s  long-term adoption
  • Drive clarity with communications around how the dashboard will change current practices, as well as what will remain unchanged
  • Ensure a blend of crawl-walk-run training is designed and delivered to ensure that end users have the resources they need to drive value with the dashboard

What Doesn't Work

Assuming that the merits of the dashboard will drive organic, sustained behavior change

  • “Launch and leave” falls in this category too- a formal “launch” rarely achieves results unless paired with sustainment support and monitoring
  • Training alone is usually not sufficient to drive long term adoption
  • Recruiting a few “super users” is more likely to splinter team operations than build past a tipping point


Just because business change is the new normal, doesn’t mean your end users are comfortable with it.

Resistance is to be expected, and an effective Change Plan will ensure that: resistance is anticipated, incentives and rewards are planned, accountability is clear, and success is not left to “organic” end-user interest

Your investment and your team’s effort deserve a solid launch and long-term business value impact. We help you land the last mile of your ROI roadmap by developing a tactical plan to enable and sustain end-user adoption

Our approach to Dashboard Adoption

Evaluating the impacts of future-state dashboard-driven process

What will change related to people, process, technology, and data in light of key personas and use cases?

Defining adoption needs

Analyze, define, and scope end users needs related to the planned change in order to shift from current state processes

Developing a high-level change plan

Define right-fit change strategies, success owners, and create a high-level plan for sponsorship, training, and communications

How we get results

Organizational Engagement Planning

Define roles and responsibilities aligned to sponsoring, monitoring, and sustaining the change  

Learning Planning

Define audiences, assess learning needs, define learning pathway, assets, and channels

Communication Planning

Define audiences and senders, develop key messages, define channels and support assets

Ready to Talk?

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