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Unlock the potential of your data cloud with actionable analytics and AI that drives your business forward

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You have modernized your data warehouse and enhanced your data lake by deploying a modern data cloud with Snowflake. (Or you’re thinking about doing so!) But now you need to unleash the insights from this newfound access to data, deriving business insights that your teams can act on. Your sales, service, and marketing departments keep asking for more from your team. Those requests keep growing and your data is multiplying.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (aka SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce and Tableau implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud for all your data needs. Our service offerings, powered by Snowflake and with the added benefits of their platform, help organizations further evolve their investments in business intelligence. Together, we focus on helping your business transform your data from operational reporting and analytics to predictive analytics and cloud-based analytics and AI.

Our Snowflake Consulting Services

Here’s a look at how we help you get the most out of your data and investment in Snowflake.

Snowflake Implementation and Migration

We know what it takes to implement Snowflake and migrate data from legacy systems to the cloud. We ensure your implementation is on time and on budget — with guidance every step of the way.

Data Governance

A secure foundation matters when it comes to your data. Our team will help you define the proper controls and ensure policies are in place to make your data consistent, trustworthy, and flexible.

Data Design and Strategy

We build scalable data architectures using Snowflake that enable the use of high-quality, relevant, and accessible data, reducing administrative costs and increasing productivity for your team.

Data Engineering

Plan and build reliable data pipelines to ingest, transform, and deliver data where it needs to be. We use Snowflake’s tools (e.g., Snowpipe and Snowpark) to consolidate data and reduce pipeline complexity.

AI and Data Science

As experts in AI and data science, we help you identify ideal use cases that drive business value, prioritize additional data sources to increase data model relevancy, and move models to production with ease.

Analytics and Business Intelligence Integration

Snowflake and Tableau work together to provide a single source of truth. Snowflake was designed with large data volumes in mind and is enhanced by Tableau’s simplicity and intuitive interactivity.

Data Adoption and Change Enablement

It's not enough to simply think of your data as an asset. Your teams need to understand its value and how to act on it. Our experts can help design a change enablement approach to help your team leverage data intelligently.

Proven Success with Snowflake Consulting Services

The US Foods sales teams had too many sources of information, but no single source of truth. They needed a tailored visualization experience that presents the most important KPIs and drives action to keep their sales team in Salesforce.

Learn about the “Big Why” dashboard we redesigned for US Foods and how we worked together to map relevant data sources in Snowflake and Salesforce.

In a recorded session at Snowflake's Marketing Analytics Forum, we discuss our customer US Foods’ vision for customer 360, its data science journey, and the benefits the company is realizing today.

Technology Partners

Salesforce to Snowflake Data Sharing

The Salesforce Data Cloud enables a single view of the customer across any Salesforce cloud and including external data sources such as those from Snowflake. Snowflake-Salesforce users can now realize the value of Customer 360 by eliminating redundancy and risk from data sharing. Want to know more?

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Fivetran is the premier automated data movement platform for moving data into, out of, and across cloud data platforms. By partnering with Fivetran, we help businesses automate the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process and free up data engineering teams in the process.​

What Snowflake Has to Say About Us​

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“Atrium is a great addition to the Snowflake Partner Program. Their focus on helping companies evolve legacy analytics investments into a modern data architecture is a perfect fit for Snowflake customers. Atrium’s success in the market is lowering the barriers for companies to take advantage of cloud-based analytics and AI.”​

Kevin Miller
Vice President, Systems Integrators, Snowflake

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