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Tableau Cloud Migration

It’s not one and done… Transform your business by enabling a truly data-driven culture with Tableau Cloud

Tableau Cloud is the tool of choice for Salesforce customers looking for the most cutting-edge analytics platform. With its intelligent features that make boosting productivity a breeze, it's no wonder 70% of new Tableau customers choose it over in-house and hybrid solutions.

If you’re considering a migration to Tableau Cloud, you already know some of the benefits. The most obvious being that Tableau Cloud will cost much less than Tableau Server in the long term. Some key features, Model Builder for instance, will only be made available to Tableau Cloud users. Plus, you get the benefits of cloud products in general: high availability, security, and a platform that is always up to date, taking much of the day-to-day technical challenges out of your hands, allowing you to focus on the work that matters most.

Why partner with Atrium on your migration to Tableau Cloud?

Tableau Cloud fundamentally provides increased business agility and an unmatched ability to scale to meet demand and capabilities. Cloud solutions enable those that are customer facing to make critical decisions in tandem with market changes and evolving customer needs. This single source of truth is easily shared among the relevant stakeholders and reduces data silos and inaccessibility across the organization.

Our customers expect us to always be “on.” Cloud native solutions provide the on-demand nature and flexibility we’ve all become accustomed to. Given Tableau’s own long-term investment and focus on Tableau Cloud, we think of this as a strategic move. Our approach includes identifying new data-driven capabilities to enable through the upgrade process. Some examples:

Value Optimized

We have a global team and assembly line built to address the more commoditized elements of the upgrade while also having the expertise to guide customers with rationalization and redesign of their existing dashboards, along with assistance navigating shifting technology paradigms, such as integration and interaction with machine learning, Snowflake, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

AI and Machine Learning

Techniques in data science, such as machine learning, provide businesses the tools to identify patterns in user behavior, understand their expectations, and ultimately give insight into how their behavior impacts key outcomes. This insight is the foundation for creating systems of intelligence. These systems combine the power of predictive machine learning models with traditional cloud automation tools to inject data-driven suggestions into processes, with the goal of exceeding user expectations.

Modern Data Architecture

In order to take advantage of data, the concept of data agility has to be at the forefront of your strategy and process. How quickly can you derive value from all your data? How quickly can you not only surface insights, but also take action? It’s not about having mountains of data — it’s about making it easy and fast to find insights that are essential to the business and act on them. Plus, doing these things with strong roles and processes to manage governance, security, and accountability for quality.

Getting Started with a Tableau Cloud Migration

Getting started with a migration to Tableau Cloud can seem overwhelming, so we’ve developed a plan for making it happen with ease while also enabling new capabilities and scalability for your business.

Deployment Assessment

Before we start with the migration, we do an assessment that identifies overall health and possible issues affecting performance, governance, or adoption that we will need to address.

Environment Architecture Prep

Prepare the on-prem environment to support Tableau Cloud as necessary, including installation and configuration of Tableau Bridge, URL redirects, user management documentation, etc. 


During this stage of the migration, we evaluate the content, subscriptions, alerts, schedules, etc. and determine what is or isn’t to be migrated and whether any redesign or consolidation is necessary.

Content Migration

We’ll leverage the Content Migration Tool to move a subset of the content, including projects, some workbooks, and published data sources.

New Feature Implementation

Build out new features in parallel with the content and manual migrations of unchanging workbooks. Take advantage of the new platform to use features not available on Tableau Server.

Additional Migration Effort

A subset of content can’t be automatically migrated via the Content Migration Tool; Atrium will be your partner to assist with the manual migration of these components to Tableau Cloud.

Webinar | Tableau Cloud Migration

Learn what’s possible with Tableau Cloud, particular use cases, and the next steps for a successful approach to migration.


tableau consultant

As Salesforce platform consulting and technical experts, we combine CRM strategy, data science, and extensive Tableau implementation expertise to drive results on the Tableau platform.​

salesforce consulting partner

Right place, right time. As certified Salesforce consulting pros and certified Tableau experts, we enable customers to visualize and surface insights in the systems where users actually work... in addition to providing best practices on both platforms.

Combining data sources? Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and Tableau implementation capabilities — enable customers to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud for all their data needs.

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It takes an expert approach to MuleSoft and the Salesforce platform to get you where you need to go with integrating data from any system, as well as delivering personalized, scalable, and relevant customer experiences.

With insights surfaced in Slack, teams can share and take action on high-priority, real-time information from Salesforce, Tableau, and other apps and systems without having to click away.

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