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Snowflake Managed Services

Outsource your Snowflake needs to a top data strategy partner

You have Snowflake, but how do you manage it over time? With Snowflake Managed Services from Atrium, you can outsource your needs to a team of Snowflake experts with deep experience in data engineering, business intelligence, data architecture, and more.

Our Snowflake Managed Services

As the top CRM, data, analytics, & AI partner, Atrium helps you unlock the value of your Snowflake data.

Strategy and Advisory

Are your data and analytics capabilities in alignment with your business needs? With our advisory services, we’ll help you identify problem areas and desired outcomes, prioritize goals, and advise on next steps for Snowflake.

Analytics and Data Visualization

Leverage your Snowflake data to create powerful business dashboards and gain insights. We know analytics tooling with Salesforce and Tableau — and can help make your data consumable and visual.

Data Science and AI

Don’t let your data just sit on the shelf. Atrium will help you maximize value with our data science capabilities, taking you beyond descriptive to predictive and prescriptive insights.

Data Engineering

Our team of certified SnowPros will help you plan and build reliable data pipelines to ingest, transform, and deliver data where it needs to be. They’ll ensure Snowflake works seamlessly with your other systems such as Salesforce and Tableau.

Business Change Enablement

Transformational change relies on engaging end users to drive adoption and influence ongoing efforts. We’ll train your team on Snowflake, give paths to learning/certifications, and help your team get the most out of your data.

Managed Services Explained in Under Two Minutes

Benefits of Managed Services from Atrium

With Elevate, Atrium’s Managed Services offering, you get access to a team of experts with diverse skill sets — at less cost than hiring a full-time team.


Our depth of experience allows us to innovate rapidly on your changing priorities, shifting your organization from a reactive to a proactive stance and increasing speed to resolution. Our unique approach helps you deliver business value for Snowflake quickly.


An elastic staffing model enables us to structure — and quickly alter — a resource mix that aligns to the shifting priorities and demands of your business. We adapt to and thrive with business changes, so you have the right skill sets at the right times.


Our global team of experts brings the full power of Atrium’s data engineering focus, analytics-based capabilities, and Snowflake Data Cloud expertise to bear. Our Snowflake training program puts a direct focus on existing workloads and challenges.


Our delivery methodology and capacity-based model help you improve predictability of execution in a cost-effective manner. This is valuable in consumption-based platforms like Snowflake.

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