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Driving Real Business Outcomes with Generative AI

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The generative AI landscape has evolved at a rapid pace, captivating minds and igniting innovation across industries. What was once just a possibility has taken center stage with real-world use cases and benefits, thanks to breakthrough solutions like ChatGPT, Einstein GPT, Tableau GPT, and Tableau Pulse.

But as enthusiasm builds, concerns about security, limitations, and overall effectiveness persist. Navigating the intricate landscape of generative AI requires guidance, clarity, and a bridge between ambition and reality. In this session, you’ll learn the hidden potential of generative AI with practical guidance and help pinpointing applications that yield tangible business outcomes.

What to Expect

  • Insights: Gain unique perspectives on the generative AI landscape, backed by industry experts who’ve navigated its twists and turns.
  • Use Cases: Discover a spectrum of feasible applications tailor-made for your industry, ensuring that your venture into generative AI is both promising and practical.
  • Strategy: Understand what it will take to craft a roadmap for integrating generative AI into your operations, addressing challenges while leveraging opportunities.


Nate Nichols

Nate Nichols

VP of Product Management,

Paul Harmon

Paul Harmon

Head of Data Science,

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