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Data Science and AI Consulting

Top enterprises have reaped the benefits of data science capabilities for years. Data science has become a key differentiator in the way companies stand out and compete in an increasingly unpredictable market. Competent leaders seek out mature, full-scale data science consulting services to help them identify revenue streams and grow faster.

Data Science and AI Consulting Services

The heart of modern technology is centered around systems of intelligence. Everything from social media to entertainment services makes use of AI-driven tech, including recommendation engines, automation schema, and advanced data analytics. As the market evolves, it’s easy to see why so many companies would adopt these solutions.

Signal Analysis

Analyze the quality of your data to determine whether it is good enough to provide signals for predictive modeling. This service provides the foundation and insights for long-term model implementations and deployments, particularly useful to those who are new to data science and AI.

Data Engineering

Examine your data and design data pipelines, data quality checks, data catalogs, and data storage solutions for both data science and analytics consumption. The success of data science and analytics implementations depends heavily on the quality of the data and how it is structured and stored.

Data Advisory Services

We explore your data and recommend strategic analytics initiatives to help improve data quality, governance, and business outcomes. We also provide roadmaps and guidance to help choose the best tools and technology after reviewing the business requirements and budget for long-term success.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Solve business problems using machine learning techniques like supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning, and share actionable insights. Build machine learning models to uncover new opportunities and enhance your customer experience.

AI and Intelligent Automation

Use advanced techniques like natural language processing, deep learning, robotics, speech, and vision to solve complex business problems. Simplify business processes with AI solutions to improve operational efficiencies and reduce cost.

Support and Maintenance

Model performance degrades over time with constant changes to data and business processes. Having an ongoing support and maintenance process is critical. We recommend best practices for model deployment, monitoring, retraining, and management to support and maintain AI solutions at scale.

We Know Generative AI

ChatGPT, Einstein GPT, Tableau GPT… it’s hard to know where to get started with generative AI, particularly embedded in CRM. With in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in generative AI techniques, our team is equipped with the skills and expertise to create powerful generative models that generate realistic and high-quality outputs and, most importantly, business value.

A roadmap and assessment with our experts can help set you up for success with generative AI.

A Built-In Team of Data Science and AI Experts

The introduction of data, analytics, and AI into business processes can be daunting. Our data science and AI consulting services give you access to the insights and solutions you need without committing to a full-fledged data science team in-house, allowing for more diverse competencies and flexibility. Change enablement is also a part of the plan, every step of the way, to ensure you not only go live with the data science solutions that are right for you, but that you also own and benefit from them in the long run.

With powerful insights and recommendations from your data to achieve your goals, we can help you go from complicated, manual reporting and guesswork to automated recommendations, predictive capabilities, and insights that grow and update at the speed of your business.

Data Science Solutions for Industries

Financial Services

Likelihood of new customer acquisition, risk analytics and regulation, and more opportunities tied to customer lifetime value.

Life Sciences

Medical devices inventory management, propensity to buy and prescribe, consumables revenue management, and more.


Surface insights, mitigate advertiser/agency relationship risk, and improve campaign effectiveness with data science and AI.

Machine learning Operations

Machine learning operations, more commonly known as MLOps, is the pursuit of faster and more reliable delivery through a pipeline of data to insight and value. While DevOps is concerned with breaking down the silos of development and operations, MLOps builds upon DevOps, but adds the breakdown of the data engineer/ETL silo, the analytics silo, and the data science silo under its domain.

In this whitepaper, our team dives deep into MLOps and its benefits, use cases, and best practices. You will get insights on what’s next for MLOps, real-world examples of effective MLOps via Salesforce technologies, the business benefits of a long-term approach, and more.

From data collection, data preparation, data engineering, to evaluating machine learning algorithms, our experts can help you get a handle on best practices and next steps for success.


For customers who:

  • Want to optimize customer acquisition and retention processes
  • Want to use predictions to improve business outcomes
  • Want to join outside data sources with CRM systems such as Salesforce

In just 90 days, we create intelligent customer and user experiences, build machine learning models and AI systems to generate insights and take action to improve the experience.

Through our Salesforce managed services, we provide customers with ongoing support and enhancements of their data science and analytics solutions.

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