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Achieve true customer 360 with a complete view of the customer and personalized engagement at scale

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The Salesforce Data Cloud is an evolution of Salesforce CDP and the Customer 360 strategy that more completely connects Salesforce and third-party data to enable a 360-degree view of the customer and personalized engagement at scale.

It’s a game-changing advancement of the Salesforce platform, particularly if your team has been asking any of these questions when using Salesforce:

  • How can I create a real-time, single view of my customers across any cloud?
  • Can I better enable my sales reps and accelerate deals with automation and intelligent recommendations at scale?
  • What can I do to deliver on the promise of a Digital HQ with a combined approach to Slack and Salesforce?
  • Moving between Snowflake and Salesforce requires a lot of hands-on maintenance with risks of duplicate data and compliance challenges… Is there a more efficient way?

You’re not alone with those concerns. We’re here to help you deliver customer magic with our Salesforce Data Cloud consulting services.

Let Us Grant Your Wish for Customer 360 With Salesforce Data Cloud

With Salesforce Data Cloud, automation, intelligence, real-time data, and security aren’t just goals; they make up the foundation of the platform. Data Cloud brings the power of automation, analytics, AI, data, and integration together to create a single view of the customer across any cloud. As a team of certified Salesforce experts with years working within all core and industry clouds, analytics, and customizations across all aspects of the platform, we can help you understand how Data Cloud fits into your customer experience goals, supports revenue growth, and integrates with your existing data sources and systems such as Snowflake, Tableau, Slack, and MuleSoft. With Data Cloud, we can enable you to:

  • Empower sales reps with scalable automation and AI-powered recommendations, as well as speed up deal cycles
  • Modernize and streamline customer service cases, personalize self-service, and make multi-channel experiences seamless
  • Automate customer journeys across different channels and boost engagement in the process
  • Get across the finish line with apps faster thanks to low-code tools while also mitigating security and compliance concerns
  • Collaborate and take action on workflows directly in Slack with AI-powered insights

Atrium: Your #1 Data Cloud Partner

Our team has years of experience delivering results for customers with Salesforce, analytics and business intelligence, data science, and data strategy and engineering.


Our Salesforce services cover everything from advisory to implementation and managed services.

  • Universal Customer Profile
  • Customer 360 Actionability and Customer Data Strategy
  • Multi-Org Orchestration
  • Data Exploration and Recommendations
  • Data and Systems Roadmap

Analytics and BI

Our analytics and BI services provide modernization and strategy, analytics, integration, and optimization.

  • Analytics Modernization and Strategy
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Implementation with Tableau
  • Tableau Data Cloud Integration
  • Tableau Data Cloud Optimization

Data Science

Our data science services focus on AI-powered outcomes and customer-centric predictions and scoring.

  • Integrate Model Scores with Data Cloud Customer Profile
  • AI-based Triggers and Activations
  • Lead Scoring
  • Customer Lifetime Value Calculations

Data Strategy and Engineering

Our data strategy and engineering services deliver architecture and migrations, as well as integrations and implementation.

  • Cloud Architecture 
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Snowflake Integrations
  • CDP Implementation

How Salesforce Data Cloud Turbocharges Your Salesforce Clouds

Here’s a look at how we help you get the most out of your data and investment in Salesforce and CRM Analytics with our unique approach to transformative analytics.

Sales Cloud

Reps can drive growth and expand top-line results with AI and automation, allowing them to close deals faster and improve productivity across all channels at scale.

Service Cloud

Make service easier and more intuitive with consistent customer experiences online and in the field with personalization, unified data, and process automation.

Marketing Cloud

Do more, spend less — with automated engagement across all channels, unified analytics, and personalized experiences powered by real-time data insights.

Salesforce to Snowflake Data Sharing

While Salesforce CDP has historically helped marketers leverage a unified customer profile to target their efforts, the Salesforce Data Cloud brings this unification to the next level, enabling a single view of the customer across any cloud and including external data sources such as those from Snowflake. Snowflake-Salesforce users can now realize the value of Customer 360 by eliminating redundancy and risk from data sharing. Here’s a quick overview.

Segments and Insights Made Simple

Salesforce CDP customers can build segments and surface insights on data from Snowflake as if it lived natively in the CDP.

No Copying or Moving Required

The reverse is true too: a data analyst in Snowflake can write queries that join native Snowflake data with Salesforce CDP without copying or moving it.

Easily Manage Risk and Permissions

Salesforce and Snowflake admins have more control and can more easily manage risk and permissions when sharing data.

Visual Salesforce and Snowflake Data in Tableau

Users can visualize data from both Salesforce and Snowflake in Tableau, no siloed views or delayed data.

Our Partners

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Our team of certified Salesforce experts enable the magic that powers great customer experience, CRM Analytics, and data strategy, as well as specific industries.

Unlock the potential of Snowflake's Data Cloud with open data access between Snowflake and Salesforce, meaningful analytics, and security that drive your teams forward.

Our Tableau experts empower businesses with intelligent predictions, recommendations, and flows to uncover data-driven answers to urgent questions.

With moment-by-moment insights surfaced in Slack, teams can share and take action on customer data from Salesforce and other apps and systems without having to click away.

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Access real-time customer insights and manage relationships within Salesforce — with time-saving efficiencies provided by MuleSoft, the #1 integration and API platform.​

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