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Managed Services

Don’t just manage — automate, optimize, and elevate your systems and processes with a personalized approach to long-term support

When you invest the time and budget on systems like Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake, it makes sense to plan for the future well beyond delivery and deployment. With regular releases of features and enhancements that deliver continuous innovation and easy access to timely, intuitive data insights, these systems have limitless potential.

But having the right set of technical skills and customizations in place to scale up and down with your needs is every bit as important to ensure long-term success. While your systems can’t futureproof themselves, managed services can do exactly that — and more. With a diverse set of managed services, our team at Atrium can ensure your users and systems get the ongoing support you need to see results for months and years to come.

Managed Services for Every Platform

Our team of certified consultants with expertise across Salesforce, Tableau, Snowflake, and related technologies have years of experience meeting users like yours where they are. We provide a personalized approach to your data strategy, platforms, and use cases to help you better understand and serve your customers, empower your teams, and increase your ROI in the process. Here’s a high-level overview of our managed services for Salesforce, Tableau, and Snowflake.

Salesforce Managed Services

Everything’s in place, you’re good to go, but… can you predict and adapt your data strategy and systems for the future? Our team delivers Salesforce managed services and continued optimization for related technologies. We can augment your existing data engineering efforts, accelerate the delivery of data to your users, and ensure Salesforce is working with your other systems.

Tableau Managed Services

It’s crucial that businesses like yours can properly analyze and understand data using your data visualization tools — be it Tableau, CRM Analytics, or a combination. That’s where Tableau managed services from our team of certified experts can help. We combine CRM strategy, analytics, and data visualization tooling to help you get long-term benefits from your dashboards and everyday analytics.

Snowflake Managed Services

Whether you have a specific project need — like consolidating data in Snowflake’s Data Cloud and transforming it for use by data scientists, or building dashboards and data visualizations embedded in your Salesforce instance — or large-scale Snowflake Data Cloud needs, we have a team of certified SnowPros to support you. We’ll also ensure Snowflake works seamlessly with other systems.

Predictive Analytics Outsourcing

Building the predictive analytics team you need can be incredibly time-consuming and tends to be prohibitively expensive for most businesses — not to mention distracting for existing teams focused on other essential priorities. That’s where predictive analytics outsourcing can help you get started quickly and improve outcomes without the added overhead and months of trying to hire and ramp up a team internally.

Maximizing the Value of Your Technology Investments Starts with Data Strategy

Your data should be able to deliver personalized insights that drive growth, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction in the process. While we can help you get the most value out of your systems, the journey typically begins with having the right data strategy in place. We can take you beyond manual data collection and reactive processes with data strategy consulting services that make quality data insights a reality for your users and the data platforms you’ve invested in. Let’s discuss the benefits of actionable, automated data analytics and AI with a data strategy that’s as unique as your business.

Proven Customer Success with Predictive Analytics Outsourcing

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