Here are some of the ways we support advertisers and agencies, publishers, broadcasters, gaming industry, and other media professionals focused on bookings and revenue forecasting, relationship growth and management, and operational efficiencies.

We Specialize in Ad Sales

Get the solutions you need to shed light on key insights to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and maximize ROI for you and your teams.

Our Solutions for Media Industry Professionals

Get Ad Sales Insights You Can Act On

An educated guess doesn’t cut it when it comes to your sales goals. Your account executives need insight into advertiser and agency sales goals, with consideration for sales team splits for advertisers as well as buying and planning agency relationships. Whether your account executives sell upfronts, scatter market, or both, understanding booking comparisons year over year and advertiser spend comparisons is essential.

We can help with:

  • Advertiser, agency, and brand relationship building and management
  • Account and pipeline analytics
  • Opportunity splits
  • Campaign management

Mitigate Advertiser/Agency Relationship Risk and Reduce Churn

The ability to proactively manage advertiser and agency relationship risk and get ahead of potential spend diminishment is likely high on your list. It’s also important that you’re able to provide account teams with visibility into buying patterns and other relationship health insights such as CSAT, make-goods and under-delivery, and overall client touchpoints.

We can help with:

  • Advertiser and agency risk scoring and insights
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Campaign delivery performance

Improve Collaboration and Campaign Execution Efficiencies

From RFP to a live campaign, we know how critical it is to improve visibility and collaboration across account executives, ad managers/planners, and ad operations. If you’re looking to provide complete visibility into campaign objectives and KPIs, streamline the quoting process across media buys with a single product/price catalog for quoting, and manage the ad operation activities and client approvals to successfully launch and manage the campaign, we have solutions designed with those goals in mind.

We can help with:

  • Implementing and/or customizing Media Cloud CPQ and Datorama
  • Order management integration (i.e., Operative)
  • Campaign task management
  • Contract management
  • Ad server integration (e.g., Google, FreeWheel, WideOrbit, and others)

Proven Customer Success

One of the world’s foremost video on-demand businesses needed insight into their ad sales team’s effectiveness. They lacked visibility into pacing to goals and insights on advertiser/agency performance, as well as limited visibility to key changes affecting their book of business and corresponding goals.

Through a persona-based “path of inquiry” workshop and the deployment of universal analytics for multiple vertical markets and account analytics (e.g., analytics identifying quarterly measurement against the previous year’s commitments, fulfillment upfronts, industry comparisons, and buying and planning agency contributions), we empowered their ad sales team to know more, win bigger, and plan effectively.

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