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Here are some of the ways we support advertisers and agencies, publishers, broadcasters, gaming industry, and other media professionals focused on bookings and revenue forecasting, relationship growth and management, and operational efficiencies.

Our Comprehensive Solutions for Media

Understand booking and advertiser spend comparisons, optimize the sales cycle, deepen advertiser trust, get more insight from your data… and much more. It’s all possible with our personalized solutions for media professionals.

Campaign 360 and Sales Optimization

We accelerate ad sales by providing a single platform from pipeline to delivery. Whether you sell upfronts, scatter market, or both, you can understand booking comparisons YoY and advertiser spend comparisons, and shed light on the key insights you need to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and maximize ROI.

Self-Service Advertising and Analytics

Enabling self-service advertising to systems like Dan Ads not only makes the sales cycle more efficient and opens up inventory to businesses that wouldn’t otherwise buy it — it also deepens advertiser trust with quick insight into campaign performance.

Ad Inventory Management and Operations

With our ad inventory management and operations solution, you can optimize ad space usage, generate more revenue, enhance user experience, and reduce operational costs while gaining valuable insights from first- and third-party data and protecting user privacy and complying with regulations.

We Specialize in Ad Sales

Get the solutions you need to shed light on key insights to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and maximize ROI for you and your teams.

Proven Customer Success

One of the world’s foremost video on-demand businesses needed insight into their ad sales team’s effectiveness. They lacked visibility into pacing to goals and insights on advertiser/agency performance, as well as limited visibility to key changes affecting their book of business and corresponding goals.

Through a persona-based “path of inquiry” workshop and the deployment of universal analytics for multiple vertical markets and account analytics (e.g., analytics identifying quarterly measurement against the previous year’s commitments, fulfillment upfronts, industry comparisons, and buying and planning agency contributions), we empowered their ad sales team to know more, win bigger, and plan effectively.

Watch: Predictive Analytics for Media Sellers — Maximizing Sales Performance

Transforming the Broadway Experience

Broadway Direct

Broadway Direct is dedicated to helping patrons around the country stay connected to every show on Broadway. Learn how Atrium used Snowflake, Tableau, and Salesforce to bring siloed insights together — including ticketing transactions, patron demographics, mobile interactions, and customer feedback — to create the visibility and actionability Broadway Direct and their productions needed.

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