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You have data in all shapes, formats, and locations. Your customer data is (hopefully) doubling every year. Sales, marketing, and service are on the hunt for insights to help win, retain, and expand your wallet share. To gain the most value from your data and fuel growth, your go-to-market teams and supporting functions need to have real-time, granular customer information. And most importantly, the ability to visualize data in a way that enables informed decisions in product management and development, order fulfillment and supply chain, logistics, finance, and beyond.

Simply put, Tableau helps you easily make sense of your data. It’s easy to use and yet powerful enough to perform virtually any type of analysis. From company-wide dashboards to ad hoc investigations, you can connect to almost any data source and begin exploring, building views, and collaborating. Wherever you are on your journey with Tableau, there’s room to grow and get more ROI with our Tableau consulting services.

It Starts with Data Strategy

Your data should be able to deliver personalized insights that drive growth, increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction in the process. We can help you get beyond manual data collection and reactive processes with our data strategy consulting services that make a data modernization initiative attainable. Get ready to reap the benefits of actionable, automated data analytics and AI with data strategy specific to your business.

Our Tableau Services

With a data-first approach to BI modernization, our Tableau experts provide a personalized data and analytics strategy focused on streamlining data in the cloud. Here are some of the ways our Tableau services benefit you.

Analytics Implementation

Enable business decisions and insights through data and visualization best practices.

  • Data Prep and Design: Build the foundational data that will power your analytics

  • Dashboard Development: Build the right analytics for your organization
  • Data Science: Einstein Predictions and Tableau


Deploy a scalable and performant environment to support your analytics execution.

  • Server Standup: Get started with your initial Tableau server deployment
  • Cloud Migration: Migrate to the cloud with minimal disruption
  • Health Checks: Assess, remediate, and establish best practices for your environment


Optimize your BI strategy and maximize your investment with embedded and AP extensibility.

  • API Extensibility: Leverage Tableau to extend analytics into your IT ecosystems
  • Embedded: Embed Tableau into your employee and customer experience
  • Managed Services: Dedicated team to support your deployment and analytics growth needs

Business Change Enablement

Ensure the success of your BI modernization investments with upskilling and business change enablement.

  • Center of Excellence: Establish a scalable analytics program that enables self-service analytics
  • Adoption and Upskilling: Build a sustainable Tableau Community that enables analytics proficiency across the organization

Tableau Accelerator for Revenue Operations

Available on the Tableau Exchange! With our Accelerator for Revenue Operations, find out where recurring revenue is at risk, churn indicators, total ARR forecasted, and more by market segment, NPS, cross-sell propensity, number of renewals, and utilization.

Our Tableau Consulting Services

We partner with you to anticipate the business’s operational needs and drive interactive visual analytics that allow users to take action on the data. With the Salesforce platform and Einstein, you can now put predictive and prescriptive analytics at your users’ fingertips. Here are just a few ways we empower businesses and their users with personalized Tableau consulting services.

Unlock the Power of Tableau Cloud

Want easy-to-use, intuitive dashboards that you can share across your organization in seconds? Our experts can efficiently stand up your Tableau Cloud environment — plus, customize it to fit your exact use case.

Show Faster Time to Value

Getting started with analytics can be difficult or daunting. Whether you’re just getting started with analytics or you’re on your way to proficiency, we’ve developed various analytics quickstarts to get you live in just a few weeks.

Become a Data-Driven Organization

Gain powerful, actionable insights, interact with actionable dashboards, identify which questions matter the most, and enable data-driven decision-making with centralized and ad hoc analytics.

Streamline Your Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Strategy

With intelligent solutions specifically tailored to your organization’s desired outcomes, we help you and your teams surface insights at scale, reach new target markets, and improve engagement.

Tableau and CRM Analytics: Which is Right for You?

CRM Analytics and Tableau? CRM Analytics vs. Tableau? Many Salesforce customers still have questions when it comes to which tool (or combination of analytics tooling) is right for them. Written by analytics experts at Atrium, this whitepaper takes a use-case-by-use-case approach in demystifying the two analytics tools and helping you understand the consideration for each.

Our Intelligent Platform Partners

Salesforce logo

Right place, right time. As certified Salesforce consulting pros and certified Tableau experts, we enable you to visualize and surface insights in the systems where your users actually work... in addition to providing best practices on both platforms.

Snowflake logo

Combining data sources? Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and Tableau implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s Data Cloud for all your data needs.

AWS logo

By partnering with AWS, we demystify important AI capabilities and build the operationalized AI that fits your unique needs. Get AI everywhere and actions anywhere — by focusing on which predictive and prescriptive analytics drive the best outcomes.

Slack logo

With insights surfaced in Slack, teams can share and take action on high-priority, real-time information from Salesforce, Tableau, and other apps and systems without having to click away.

Demos: See It In Action

A quick look at how combining the capabilities of Salesforce, Tableau, and Slack can help you accelerate your revenue operations and improve the overall visibility into your business.

Get a firsthand look at our business science embedded predictive dashboard built in Tableau for wealth managers.

How We Get Results

Here’s a look at how our Tableau experts help you get the most out of your data and investment in Salesforce and Tableau.

Data Signal Analysis

Our data signal analysis service identifies opportunities to incorporate intelligence into the flow of the business process so that insights translate directly to actions, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency.

Managed Services for AI, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Elevate, our managed services offering, includes industry-based algorithm templates, MLops/DevOps best practices, monitoring tools, and a partnering model that emphasizes long-term success through expert outcome-based support on Tableau, Salesforce, and other platforms.

Proven Success with Tableau Consulting Services

"Atrium was essential in our Einstein implementation. Their wealth of knowledge, availability, and flexibility made this process very smooth."

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