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Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining: Data Science for Business

CRISPER-DM for data mining

CRISP-DM sounds delicious, but what is it? If you haven’t heard of CRISP-DM yet, you haven’t been following what machine learning and data science can do for your business. CRoss-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM) is a methodology businesses take in performing AI in an efficient, scalable way to meet stakeholder demand. Companies must […]

Quick Industry Perspective: Higher Education

Higher Education

Quick industry perspective: Higher Education Higher education is changing fast. How are you meeting today’s biggest challenges? There’s been a major increase in students enrolling in online universities and classes. Watch and learn how you can drive a better, more intuitive, and intelligent experience for your enrollment advisors and students by using Salesforce and Tableau.

On-Demand Webinar: Improving Student Acquisition, leveraging Predictive Modeling in Salesforce with Pearson Education

webinar improving student acquisition with pearson

On-Demand Webinar Improving Student Acquisition, Leveraging Predictive Modeling in Salesforce With Pearson Education​ Many businesses in education technology want to leverage the power of predictive analytics to maximize lifetime learner value. But when putting insight to action, it can be difficult to overcome: • The reliance on unscalable analytics whether it be: “one data scientist” […]

Back to School: Data Analysis and Business Modeling at Butler University

Co-authored by Joshua Fleischer and Sarah Young. As businesses increase their utilization of data and the insights they gather from it, universities are realizing the need to prepare students for today’s data-driven climate. Professors toe an interesting line. In a semester’s time, they need to provide a basic academic background for data modeling and analytics […]

On-Demand Webinar: Demoing Salesforce and Tableau for Nonprofits

On-Demand Webinar Demoing Salesforce and Tableau for Nonprofits Overview How can nonprofits solve everyday challenges and reap the benefits of Tableau and CRM Analytics, particularly in an age of Covid? We’ll show you. In this webinar with Salesforce, we take an example nonprofit, an organization used to working with underserved communities around the world to help […]