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Success Story

How Civic Influencers Analyzes, Visualizes, and Empowers Youth Voters with Tableau

A Growing Need to Provide Dynamic Data to Donors and Youth Voters

With a mission to increase youth votership by motivating and empowering young people, Civic Influencers needed a cohesive, data-driven narrative that could serve several purposes. They needed to be able to engage donors and youth voters alike, and provide a narrative that could stand largely on its own. Civic Influencers faced challenges trying to balance and focus efforts between multiple audiences, collections of data, and possible narratives.

In addition to demonstrating the consistent power of youth voters to impact elections and issues of concern to them, Civic Influencers needed to show the dynamic nature of the data, which requires ongoing data collection to maintain relevancy for targeting interventions and demand generation.

A Tableau Dashboard That Tells a Story: Showcasing Interest in and Access to Votership

The Atrium team collaborated with Civic Influencers to identify key personas and a corresponding narrative for the visualization communicated — independent of (and most importantly, not requiring) outside explanation.

We then designed and built a Tableau dashboard with a compelling narrative to showcase the potential impact of American youths’ interest in and access to votership, highlighting the urgency and merit of civic engagement to donors and students. (Scroll down to see the dashboard in action! Visualizing the data helped uncovered powerful findings that will help encourage and educate voters, as well as Civic Influencers’ donor and volunteer base. In just one example from the dashboard below, California 25’s House Election went from a margin victory of 21,396 votes to just 333 votes in a single election cycle.)

We also created a Tableau data pipeline that Civic Influencers can leverage to process ongoing survey responses to identify shifts in youths’ perception of the salience of issues and barriers.

Accessible Storytelling and Time-Saving Results in Just Five Weeks

In just five weeks, the Atrium team produced a desktop and mobile dashboard that tells the story of increasingly tight margins in American elections, youths’ ability to impact those margins, and the volatility of youths’ drivers and obstacles around voting.

Saving valuable time and resources, Civic Influencers’ data team was relieved of the primary responsibility of processing survey data through the Tableau pipeline we built to clean and combine data.

The Civic Influencers team and board of directors gave overwhelmingly positive reviews of the dashboard. In high demand, the dashboard received hundreds of views before being shared more broadly, while it was initially only available via direct hyperlink access. The project was so successful that Civic Influencers extended our engagement and recognized our team with a Data Power for Inclusive Democracy Award.

A Look at the Dashboard:

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About Civic Influencers

Civic Influencers is an American national non-profit organization committed to increasing youth participation in democracy by motivating and enabling young people, particularly Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color (BIYOC) to vote by using data-driven interventions to remove obstacles to voting and demonstrate youth voter impact in areas of interest.

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