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Salesforce CPQ Consulting

Salesforce’s most efficient solution for sales reps to speed and succeed every step of the CPQ process

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Landing the deal is just the beginning. CPQ (i.e., configure, price, quote) software is useful to compete in today’s sales landscape, where your salespeople can’t always predict roadblocks or deal breakers. Salesforce CPQ not only speeds up the sales process — it helps organizations reduce wasted time and keep deals from stalling. You may have encountered these kinds of concerns:

  • How can I equip my sales reps with more information to nurture, negotiate, and close deals with a higher likelihood of success?
  • Can we make renewals easier?
  • Is there a way to better anticipate any possible scenario in pricing while still streamlining the quoting process?

The more efficient and accurate your sales team (and sales process) can be, the healthier and higher your bottom line will be. At Atrium, we focus on the business process first. Supporting your sales reps by reducing the number of manual steps they have to take, assuring accurate pricing, and supporting configuration rules allows them to focus on the deal. That’s where Salesforce CPQ comes in, along with our expert team of certified Salesforce CPQ consultants, enabling you to adapt and achieve your pipeline goals.

We Know Salesforce CPQ

As a team of certified Salesforce consultants, we understand your revenue with Salesforce. You need granular insights into where and how your offerings are priced, as well as visibility into your value stream map to better understand bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement within your lead-to-cash processes.

Our Salesforce CPQ experts lay the foundation with Revenue Cloud, and then combine its solution capabilities with analytics and data science expertise to not only provide you the data visualization layer, AI modeling capabilities, and necessary analytics capabilities you need, but also to partner with you to better understand your revenue streams and unlock the most value out of your business. With our Salesforce CPQ consulting, we can help you leave behind the digital rolodex and move into the future with Salesforce CPQ as a catalyst for growth and increased sales.

Benefits of Salesforce CPQ

Get the most value out of Salesforce CPQ with capabilities that benefit your sales reps, deal cycles, and the bottom line.

Guided Product Configuration

Provide prescriptive logic to sales reps, taking the complexity out of configuring a quote while enabling solution selling with cross-sell/upsell, as well as helping customers navigate offers. Build on base CPQ functionality to give your sales reps better insight into buying behavior, translating into higher probability product selections that sell fast.

Price Optimization and Margin Optimization

Configure complex pricing models (e.g., block, slab, and usage pricing) with built-in functionality. Deliver pricing guidance that drives minimal internal approvals and a faster quote-to-customer experience. During the configuration process, margin optimization can be visualized, resulting in higher revenue.

Reduce Quote Approval Time

Using dynamic approval processes that adhere to standard business rules, you can reduce approval times, and sometimes automate them altogether. Get better visibility across the organization during the quoting process and leverage various approval models (e.g., parallel and sequential), allowing more control over deal management.

Inform the Supply Chain of Demand and Provide Supply Insights

During the quoting process, you can inform the customer of any supply chain issues that could result in slower order fulfillment. Backend ERP or supply chain systems will have better visibility into demand earlier, allowing the supply chain to be proactive rather than reactive.

Increase Customer Retention with Auto-Renewal Management and AI Models

Sales reps get an earlier view into the pipeline for upcoming renewals and similar customer analysis, increasing retention through early and consistent engagement. Sales reps are also freed from creating the renewal Opportunity and quote through leveraging automation. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities exist during the renewal process, and the use of predictive logic can result in a higher value, and faster quote-to-sale process.

Automated Quote Proposal Document Generation

Provide a consistent, hands-off approach to generating on-brand quote proposals through intelligent automation. Deliver consistent terms and conditions upfront to the seller and buyer, making for a frictionless buying experience. Consistency in terms and conditions also creates more efficient, automated downstream processes, such as renewals, amendments, and cancellations.

Automatically Generate Orders from CPQ to the Backend Order Fulfillment System

Salesforce CPQ can determine when and how an order is created and sent to a backend fulfillment system (e.g., an ERP system) with no manual intervention. An integration can be built to ingest the order and provide consumption and error handling.

Extend the CPQ process from Lead to Quote to Lead to Cash

Salesforce CPQ can be used in conjunction with existing billing systems to generate the invoice automatically. CPQ can also use some or all of the Salesforce Billing functionality for a seamless revenue generation experience.

Our Partners

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With a team of experts who know Salesforce CPQ, Sales Cloud, Revenue Cloud, and the ins and outs of the entire Salesforce platform, we provide organizations access to an abundance of personalized, intelligent insights that makes selling more transparent and efficient than ever.

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

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With moment-by-moment insights surfaced in Slack, teams can share and take action on customer data from Salesforce and other apps and systems without having to click away.

We Know Your Industry

Financial Services

We help financial services businesses across banking, wealth management, and mortgage create compelling, intelligent experiences to attract and retain customers and achieve ROI on the Salesforce platform in the process.

Life Sciences

Let us help you leverage the Salesforce platform to support and empower medtech sales reps, hospitals and procurement, and consumers — with insight into their life cycle through the use of predictive analytics and AI.


With Salesforce, we support advertisers and agencies, publishers, broadcasters, gaming industry, and others in the media industry focused on bookings and revenue forecasting, relationship growth and management, and operational efficiencies.

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