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Tableau Server Health Check

Assess the health of your Tableau deployment and optimize your analytics investment

Is your Tableau instance experiencing performance issues such as outages, delays, and other unexpected behavior? Are you unsure if you’re leveraging the full breadth and depth of the Tableau platform? These are crucial questions in assessing if your Tableau platform is set to meet the needs of your users. With Atrium’s Tableau Server Health Check, we’ll help you identify issues within your server environment, data sources, and analytics content to help improve user experience and allow your users to get the insights they need quickly and easily.

Our Tableau Server Health Check

Atrium takes a hands-on approach to observing all aspects of your Tableau deployment and making recommendations based on best practices related to architecture, configuration, data sources, analytics content, and governance. The result is a set of actions you can take to improve your Tableau platform — helping you support and scale your analytics needs and get the most out of your investment.

Server Architecture

Review if your organization has an optimized Tableau deployment and identify possible server configuration changes that will support a more efficient environment. Assess maintenance and monitoring processes and get advice on best practices (e.g., upgrade strategy).

Data Source Management

How does your data architecture affect your performance? Identify areas for improvement with data source creation and management, from the number of data sources you bring in to leveraging relationships and building effective data pipelines to drive your analytics.

Workbook Design

Assess workbooks for best practices and effective design. Fix issues that can negatively impact performance, including workbook complexity, excessive marks, inefficient use of filters, and design minimizing cache reuse.


Do you have effective governance in place that can scale to meet your needs? Do you need to establish effective dev ops processes for your creators? Identify areas where you can build data literacy within the organization and set up your Tableau deployment for the right use cases to scale.

Why Atrium?

Atrium is a consulting firm focused on delivering data-driven CRM strategy by applying the principles of data, analytics, and AI to a select set of leading cloud platforms. As a Tableau partner with expertise in data and analytics, we can go beyond reviewing server issues to identify the root causes of problems in your data architecture or analytics set-up — that will often move the needle on your performance more.

We’ll also use our knowledge of Tableau’s product suite to suggest upgrades and solutions based on what makes the most sense for your needs. That way, any investments you make are for the right tools to address your unique challenges.

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