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Success Story

Improved Pipeline Performance and Accelerated Analytics Deployment for Cyclance

The Challenge

With static reports giving them limited guidance, Cylance was facing a lack of visibility into deal velocity and sales milestones, limited visibility into the early stage sales funnel, and leading indicators for deal closure, and a limited ability to understand projected revenue mix (products vs services.)

The Solution

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud and CRM Analytics, Atrium worked with Cylance to create dashboards that enables sales and marketing executives to analyze and explore conversion performance and executives to analyze and explore performance by customer type (Product First, Service First, or both.). The creation of opportunity snapshot datasets using the CRM Analytics Snapshot app enables revenue teams to analyze changes through time. While implementing the solution, we cleaned up their dataflows and tuned performance on data replications.

Other notable deliverables:

  • Lead Lifecycle Dashboard – The next generation of Lead to Cash that tracks the full flow of Leads through Opportunity to Close, with metrics around conversion percentage and dollars per stage.
  • QoQ by Week – A combo chart that allows Cylance to view sales performance by week against the same week of the previous quarter (Week 1 of Q2 vs. Week 1 of Q3), while also viewing the running total for each quarter as a line: actual for previous quarter, actual (past weeks) + estimates (future weeks) for the current quarter.
  • Time series: Sales Forecast – We leveraged the built-in time series functionality in CRM Analytics to create a monthly sales performance chart, with time series predictions for future months.

The Results

With visibility into key multi-dimensional pipeline analytics and the elimination of manual reporting efforts, there has been a reduction in analytics deployment times by 50%. Revenue teams also have enhanced visibility into lead source performance.

About Cylance

Cylance Inc. is an American software firm that develops antivirus programs and other kinds of computer software that prevent, rather than reactively detect viruses and malware. Cylance has been described as “the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cybersecurity.”

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Salesforce Sales Cloud

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