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Success Story

Creating Personalized Customer Experiences and Business Growth Opportunities for Herbalife

The Challenge

Herbalife’s products are available exclusively through 25,000 educated and trained distributors who provide comprehensive, personalized solutions to their customers’ nutrition and wellness goals. In order to empower distributors to fulfill individualized customer needs and drive business effectively, Herbalife needed to provide them with a holistic customer profile and intelligent, data-driven personalized action plans.

The Solution

Herbalife chose Atrium to deploy analytics and predictive capabilities with Salesforce’s Einstein in order to provide detailed, up-to-date customer information for distributors and enable growth. In using Einstein for its advanced data science and data visualization capabilities, we will unify Herbalife’s myriad data sources — such as business metrics, customer service interactions (with Salesforce Service Cloud), products, promotions, and event qualification — and Herbalife’s tools (i.e., HN Connect, HN MyClub, Engage, GO Herbalife, MyHerbalife, Bizworks).

These capabilities serve to help predict and answer questions about the likelihood of reaching sales goals, customer growth and attrition opportunities, which customers (or a prioritized list of clients) to reach out to next, recommended consumers to add to a marketing campaign, and a variety of other next best actions in a guided selling process. To get this information into the hands of these thousands of distributors, Atrium will employ Salesforce Community Cloud and custom mobile capabilities. Central to this architecture is Snowflake, the cloud data platform which serves as the aggregator for all the data sources.

Here is how we are driving end user experience with Snowflake for data storage and aggregation:

  • Centralize order (i.e., POS, club, product), distributor/member, downline activities, purchaser sales volumes, and goal attainment details.
  • Provide an intelligent experience via embedded dashboards within existing Herbalife mobile application and partner community workflow.
  • Provide predictive insights and recommendations regarding downline growth/attrition propensities, as well as recommended actions such as adding members to a Marketing Cloud journey or special event.
  • Action framework to provide proper messaging and alerts to track member behavior and insight usage within the mobile webview via React Native.

The Results

Einstein will house machine learning models and dashboards, harnessing Herbalife’s valuable proprietary data from Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Together, these create a personalized customer profile, as well as recommend next best actions to increase that customer’s value and a distributor’s success.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company. Since 1980, they have been on a mission to improve nutritional habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed nutrition products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition. The #1 brand in the world in meal replacement shakes, Herbalife caters to a variety of daily nutritional needs, offering choices to consumers in over 90 countries.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Einstein Discovery
Salesforce Service Cloud

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