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Success Story

CRM Analytics Helps Sales Productivity and Revenue Growth

The Challenge

IDEXX was looking to consolidate a significant amount of data from multiple systems via connections through Snowflake’s Data Cloud. They looked to Atrium to assist them in a more performant solution with a faster response in both query time for dashboards and data loads. They had a need to standardize the definitions around KPI reporting to assist Sales Representatives with answering customer questions in an expeditious manner. IDEXX required the ability to directly action against records from within analytics when insights were uncovered. Additionally, analytics needed to be accessible from a mobile platform.

The Solution

Atrium utilized CRM Analytics dynamic capabilities such as bindings and filters so that data could be combined. Building from Snowflake’s Data Cloud, ETL tools were used to bring data into CRM Analytics’s faster data store. Dashboards were created to show a single view for each particular KPI. Mobile layouts were created for viewing dashboards on the go by leveraging the standard functionality of CRM Analytics.

The Results

Atrium helped IDEXX increase efficiency in enterprise reporting and BI teams by reducing the demand for ad-hoc requests. Standardized KPI reporting was developed, allowing for Sales Representatives to answer customer questions faster and easier. User adoption improved through the simpler to use, integrated analytics platform. Overall, the solution led to better insight into customer buying patterns to identify potential opportunities.


IDEXX is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of animal veterinary, water testing and livestock services and devices. Their products and services are used in over 175 countries worldwide. IDEXX is a market leader with over 9,000 employees and a focus on driving long term value for customers and employees by enhancing the health and well-being of pets, people and livestock.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Salesforce Sales Cloud

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