Success Story

Boosting Lead Conversion Rates By Identifying High-Value Leads With Salesforce Analytics

The Challenge

Service Corporation International (SCI) was looking to improve their lead conversion rates. They had no method for prioritizing which leads to focus on based on the lead’s likelihood to convert to a sale, hence there was a lack of consistency in the methods that counselors and managers used to prioritize and manage which leads to follow up on. In addition, they did not have a method for setting desired monthly sales targets and determining the number of sales activities they needed to complete in a given month in order to achieve their desired sales targets.

The Solution

Atrium developed a solution with Lightning Web Components (LWC) for counselors and managers to set their Monthly Action Plan (MAP) goals and a custom Apex batch process to calculate daily activity updates. CRM Analytics was used for the Home page dashboard and a Lead Scoring Model was developed with TCRM Discovery.

The Results

After working with the Atrium team, SCI’s Sales Counselors and Sales Managers can now determine what sales targets they want to achieve each month and evaluate the resulting required activities, appointments, sales, and average sale amount before committing their monthly targets. They are presented with the required activities each day, their progress toward achieving those targets, and their actual vs. target board volume (quota) when they log in and access their home page. Finally, they can review a list of recommended leads that are presented based on their relative likelihood to convert score and easily select and add them to a “Today’s Task List”.

About Service Corporation International

Service Corporation International is a funeral goods and services as well as cemetery property and services provider in the US. SCI manages over 1500 funeral homes and 400 cemeteries in 43 states, eight Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Einstein Discovery

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