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Success Story

Transforming Disparate, Delayed Data Insights into Forward-Looking Embedded Pipeline Analytics

Disparate data sources and slow reporting process lead to lack of visibility

With data living in multiple systems, the STANLEY team did not have a standardized method for data entry across these systems, which led to poor data quality and hygiene.

In order to gain a more accurate view of pipeline and quota attainment, STANLEY’s sales operations team had to source data from multiple systems (e.g., Salesforce, ERP system, spreadsheets, existing reports, etc) — a very time-consuming and ineffective process.

Due to the cumbersome, manual reporting process, the sales team did not have access to real-time revenue data which created a gap when trying to understand current pipeline and proactively manage clients.

A single source of truth for sales-related data

The Atrium team identified multiple personas across commercial sales, operations, finance, and leadership. We completed an in-depth analysis of these teams to unify data and steamline sources for improved data hygiene and collection. Our team even accounted for customized President’s Club calculations to ensure all metrics were centralized.

Forward-looking CRM Analytics-based embedded pipeline dashboards and long-term enablement

Atrium built five custom CRM Analytics dashboards, embedded directly into Salesforce, enabling a new level of visibility and proactivity. These dashboards addressed the reporting needs of quarterly progress, pipeline-to inventory analysis, and capacity planning. Real-time data provided faster access to reliable insight — empowering the team to better manage their quota and client relationships. 

STANLEY committed to training all users to ensure everyone was comfortable and productive with the new solution. They have incorporated continuous monitoring and rollouts, accounting for feedback and improvement along the way.

About Stanley Healthcare

STANLEY Healthcare, now Securitas Healthcare and part of Securitas, empowers caregivers to deliver connected, productive, and safe care. With over 15,000 providers worldwide, their innovative portfolio helps hospitals, clinics, and senior living organizations protect people, use their assets efficiently, and understand their operations for a caring and healing environment.

The Technology

CRM Analytics
Salesforce Sales Cloud

“Atrium was excellent to work with. They kept us from scope creep and provided concrete solutions that were maintainable in the long term. Our development team knew CRM Analytics very well. More importantly, they had great experience to draw upon to make sure we didn't make mistakes.”

Steve Mascola

Senior IT Director

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