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Success Story

Implementing Event Monitoring to Identify Problems Before They Become Service Interruptions

The Challenge

Wells Fargo’s CRV platform experienced a massive service disruption for a few hours last year that resulted in a stressful, time-consuming situation for their team, and it took them months to reconcile their data and generally get their environment working again. As a result, they wanted to start proactively monitoring the platform, and to have visibility into whether or not “features” (i.e., pages within their Salesforce org) were experiencing slowdowns or other unexpected behavior. 

The Solution

Atrium conducted several workshops with Wells Fargo to begin brainstorming what an EM (Event Monitoring) CRM Analytics solution could look like. With the help of their team, we decided to build two separate dashboards: one to monitor system performance and one to track system usage.

The Results

The system performance dashboard provides page-load analysis, and the ability for the end-user to drill down on problematic “features.” The users can slice and dice the page loads via a variety of different dimensions (e.g., geo location, profiles, dates, branches, etc.).

The system usage dashboard gave a summary of which users were meaningfully utilizing the platform, and provided user login analysis (which incorporated both total number of logins and login load times). The CRV team was thrilled with the resulting solutions and wanted to continue to develop within CRM Analytics.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is an American financial services company with branches across the U.S. and internationally.

The Technology

CRM Analytics

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