Bringing IT and Business Together with Data Agility​

Thursday, September 22 | 8-9am PDT
Southside Spirit House at 575 Howard Street

tableau consulting partner


Most businesses have data collecting dust on the shelf, whether it’s siloed, redundant, or disorganized (… or all three). That leaves stakeholders exclusively focused on IT, rather than incorporating IT into the business and delivering on meaningful insights. During this breakfast panel, leaders from Atrium, Snowflake, and Tableau will unpack the data needs at the center of a successful data strategy — accessibility, actionability and governance — and discuss the real-world opportunities and benefits provided by achieving data agility.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of the keys to a successful data strategy
  • The evolution of data agility via cloud data platforms
  • Steps to accelerate data monetization
  • Examples of real-world success stories


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tableau consulting partner