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Achieving Campaign 360 and Sales Optimization in Media with Sony, Salesforce, and Snowflake

Tuesday, September 12 | 3pm PT

Atrium Lounge at Ecosystem Coworking | 540 Howard Street

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The advertising sales industry needs clear data and ROI insights in today’s shifting market — and it starts with your everyday systems and sales team workflows. With delivery data housed in Snowflake and easily surfaced in Salesforce, high-level delivery performance data can become an invaluable asset within the sales cycle. In this session for media industry professionals, leaders at the intersection of CRM and media will discuss optimizing sales teams with data analytics and actionable insights, as well as the steps it takes to get there and stay ahead of the competition.


Abe Synder

Abe Snyder

Director of Global Operations,
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Jim Warner

Jim Warner

Field CTO, Advertising & Marketing,

Kendall Mercado

Kendall Mercado

Media Industry Lead,


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