Higher Education

Improving student outcomes and helping institutions provide better approaches to education with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.

Here are some of the ways Atrium can help deliver intelligent business solutions in Higher Education.


Higher Education institutions have to expertly manage marketing efforts, applications, and enrollment activities for diverse groups of students. We help them leverage analytics and AI solutions to improve the student journey and increase operational efficiency.

Likelihood to Enroll

Higher Education institutions need to be able to accurately predict the likelihood of a student to attend upon acceptance.

We empower you with lead-to-application propensity models, which can include driving factors such as re-inquiry, campaign sources, contact cadence, and early successful contact. From there, recommendations help you act on those insights.

Student Melt

Unfortunately, sometimes a student thought to be college-bound doesn’t appear. This can result in misallocated teaching resources, early-term course shuffling, and overall higher costs.

By prioritizing data analytics, we help Higher Education institutions decrease student melt.


Your students have unique backgrounds, motivations, and behaviors. We help Higher Education institutions personalize the student journey every step of the way, in addition to nurturing alumni relations and improving fundraising operations and outcomes.

Student Engagement and Support

The U.S. Department of Education found that 30% of undergraduates changed their major within the first three years of student enrollment. Higher Education institutions are tasked with keeping students on track, but often don’t know how to meet students where they are at different parts of their journey.

We can help you support students with customized student portals to organize requirements, AI-powered chatbots that field questions from students via text message, on-demand access to self-service answers and enrollment advisors, and more.

Alumni Engagement and Fundraising

The student journey doesn’t end at graduation. Ideally, your alumni are active members of your community — both socially and economically. But it can be difficult to effectively track and manage so many relationships without the necessary technologies and processes in place.

With the right solutions, we can help you analyze alumni data to identify scenarios and develop strategies to target more donors instead of rejectors, including identifying which alumni have the greatest likelihood of donating and driving targeted nurturing of potential donors.


It can be challenging to predict the time to enrollment or know what warning signs to look for in at-risk students. We take a data-driven approach to helping institutions of Higher Education understand which students to focus on and what kind of support to provide when.

Likelihood to Apply/Enroll

Institutions of Higher Education need to have the ability to forecast future enrollment in order to manage faculty resources, class offerings, and curriculum.

Forecasts of applications and enrollments can help them manage the ebb and flow of students through educational programs. They can proactively get the resources they need when applications and enrollments rise, and drive efficiencies when they decline.

Propensity to Retain

It’s essential for institutions of Higher Education to be able to identify students who are at risk of dropping out or transferring schools and help shepherd them from enrollment through to graduation with targeted intervention strategies.

With the right predictive analytics solutions, we can help you gather and analyze the data you need to identify at-risk students, prioritize targeted interventions, and improve student journeys at critical touchpoints.

Consulting Services from Atrium

The Higher Education industry depends on data to compete and deliver — to identify, attract, engage, and retain students throughout their unique journeys. Our team knows how to help you surface data-driven insights and provide students and staff the personalized support they need now.

With extensive experience advising, implementing, and optimizing intelligent solutions for Higher Education institutions, we empower our clients to make smarter decisions and act on them with analytics, AI, and related technologies.

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