Higher Education

Improving student outcomes and helping institutions provide better approaches to education with intelligent AI-powered predictions and recommendations.

Here are some of the ways Atrium can help deliver intelligent business solutions in Higher Education.

Likelihood To Enroll
Predict the likelihood of a student to attend upon acceptance.

Identify students who are at risk of dropping out or transferring schools. 

Alumni Engagement

Identify the most “engaged” alumni faster and smarter with predictive lead-based scoring.


Analyze alumni data to identify scenarios and develop strategies to target more donors instead of rejectors.

Consulting Services from Atrium

The Higher Education industry depends on data to compete and deliver — to identify, attract, engage, and retain students throughout their unique journeys. Our team knows how to help you surface data-driven insights and provide students and staff the personalized support they need now.

With extensive experience advising, implementing, and optimizing intelligent solutions for Higher Education institutions, we empower our clients to make smarter decisions and act on them with analytics, AI, and related technologies.

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