Unlock the potential of your data cloud with actionable analytics and AI that drives your business forward

You have modernized your data warehouse and enhanced your data lake by deploying a modern data cloud with Snowflake. (Or you’re thinking about doing so!) But now you need to unleash the insights from this newfound access to data, deriving business insights that your teams can act on. Your sales, service, and marketing departments keep asking for more from your team. Those requests keep growing and your data is multiplying.

Any of These Questions Seem Familiar to You?

Whether one or all of those apply to you, you’re not alone. We can help you wherever you are on your Snowflake journey.

We Know Snowflake

Our certified and experienced Snowflake consultants (i.e., SnowPros) — combined with our deep data science expertise and award-winning Salesforce implementation capabilities — enable you to use and optimize the power and flexibility of Snowflake’s data cloud for all your data needs.

Here are some examples of what we’ve helped businesses achieve:

How We Get Results

Here’s a look at how we help you get the most out of your data and investment in Snowflake.

Analytics and AI Strategy Planning

With intelligent solutions specifically tailored to your organization’s goals, we help our customers surface insights at scale, reach new target markets, and improve engagement.

Data Signal Analysis

Our data signal analysis service identifies opportunities to incorporate intelligence into the flow of the business process so that insights translate directly to actions, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency.

Data Architecture and Data Pipeline Design

Streamline your data pipelines and get more clarity by allowing us to revamp all layers of your data architecture.

Managed Services for AI, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Elevate, our managed services offering, includes industry-based algorithm templates, MLops/DevOps best practices, monitoring tools, and a partnering model that emphasizes long-term success through expert outcome-based support.

What Snowflake Has to Say About Us

“Atrium is a great addition to the Snowflake Partner Program. Their focus on helping companies evolve legacy analytics investments into a modern data architecture is a perfect fit for Snowflake customers. Atrium’s success in the market is lowering the barriers for companies to take advantage of cloud-based analytics and AI.”

 — Kevin Miller
Vice President, Systems Integrators, Snowflake

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