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6 Takeaways from Snowflake Summit 2024

6 Takeaways from Snowflake Summit 2024

Snowflake Summit 2024 took San Francisco by snowstorm last week. Moscone Center was wrapped inside and out with Snowflake’s sky blue and white banners and packed with conference goers. Snowflake delivered an avalanche of announcements about new features and a clear mission to make the AI Data Cloud efficient, easy, and trusted. Customers, vendors, and […]

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Einstein Copilot for Tableau

6 Frequently Asked Questions About Einstein Copilot for Tableau

It’s been a couple months since Tableau 2024.1 came out and you know what that means — 2024.2 is almost here! Tableau released its list of features for 2024.2 and the enhancements to Tableau Pulse, multi-fact analytics, and other updates have us excited over at Atrium. One of our favorite items is the upcoming release […]

Don’t Let These 5 Myths Hold You Back From a Tableau Cloud Migration

5 Tableau Cloud Migration Myths Blog Featured Image

Incorrect assumptions about what it takes to embark on a successful Tableau Cloud migration can either a) cause an organization to approach it without the right strategy or expertise in place, or b) prevent them from making the move at all. If you’re still on Tableau Server and considering a migration to Cloud, you’re probably […]

A Beginner’s Guide to CRM Analytics for Financial Services

Beginner’s Guide to CRM Analytics for Financial Services

In the fast-paced world of financial services, data is your most valuable asset. But are you truly maximizing its potential? CRM Analytics (CRMA) can be your key to unlocking hidden insights, driving personalized client experiences, and making informed decisions that fuel growth. CRMA is a dynamic visualization tool that not only provides consistent insights across […]

Snowflake Cortex and Arctic: Leveraging Generative AI and LLM Capabilities

Snowflake Cortex and Arctic

The business world is experiencing a seismic shift as generative AI redefines the way we work. This powerful technology, capable of producing human-quality text, code, images, and more, is transforming industries across the board. At the forefront of this revolution stands Snowflake, a leader in data warehousing. Snowflake is now unveiling groundbreaking functionality geared toward […]

MLOps vs DevOps: What Makes Machine Learning Operations Different?

MLOps vs DevOps

While there is certainly some crossover between Development Operations (DevOps) and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps), there are significant differences between the two functions. In this article, we’ll take a look at MLOps vs. DevOps and what you should prepare for when implementing machine learning into your workflows. There’s a good chance you already know a […]

Predict Customer Churn with Salesforce Data Cloud and Snowflake Zero-ETL

Predict Churn with Data Cloud and Snowflake Zero-ETL Featured Image

Understanding the satisfaction of your existing customer base isn’t just a smart move, but a survivorship skill. Your existing customers are the key to your success. They follow your brand; they’ve chosen your products and trust your expertise. It’s no wonder why they’re so crucial to your bottom line. What if customers are about to […]

Using Salesforce Einstein Conversation Mining to Enhance Case Deflection

Using Einstein Conversation Mining

This past December, Salesforce launched Service Intelligence, a new bundled product centered around unifying key insights for service agents and managers. Having undertaken a similar effort previously for sales users with its popular Revenue Intelligence product, Service Intelligence followed a similar approach: combine a blended set of functionality across different Salesforce components (Einstein predictions, CRM […]

7 Top Takeaways from Tableau Conference 2024

TC24 Recap Blog Featured Image

Tableau Conference 2024 is in the books! Every year, we’re clued into all the exciting new things to come for the future of Tableau. As a perennial Tableau Ambassador, and an annual Iron Viz hopeful, I wait every year to see what they have in store! Take a look below to see my key takeaways […]