The Future of Enterprise Productivity: Slack and Tableau

future of enterprise productivity quick take

The future of enterprise productivity with slack and tableau     What’s in it for you: – Supercharge your enterprise productivity and collaboration with Slack and Tableau – Scale intelligence across the enterprise – Put data at the center of your conversations – Extend your action framework and accelerate profits Get a sneak preview at driving […]

Accelerating Revenue Operations with Salesforce, Tableau, and Slack

revops demo

ACCELERATE YOUR REVENUE OPERATIONS with high forecast visibility     Looking for help with enhancing your revenue intelligence to gain predictability, efficiency, and growth across your entire revenue process? Look no further! In this demo, you’ll learn how companies are accelerating their performance related to revenue operations by combining the capabilities of Salesforce, Tableau and […]

Wealth Asset Management – Tableau and Salesforce Demo

PREDICTIVE TABLEAU DASHBOARDS FOR WEALTH ASSET MANAGEMENT What If You Could:     Predict key client likelihood of attrition early and take corrective action? Increase customer retention by a few % points? Have a consistent way to measure the impact a customer’s defection would have on the business? Have specific retention options presented based on […]

Quick industry perspective: Trucking


Quick industry perspective: Trucking Did you know? Employee turnover in the trucking industry is as high as 95%. Watch and learn some of the innovative use cases and capabilities you can use to help with overall driver operations.

Capital One Webinar Series

Capital one Web Series Join us for this webinar series exclusive to Capital One Listen to your Capital One peers within Small Business Bank, HR and Commercial Bank – Midmarkets, as they share how Tableau CRM(formerly Einstein Analytics) has changed the way they see their data within Salesforce and drive new actionable insights into their […]

How A Functional Transformation of Your Business Can Benefit Your Customer Retention Strategy

Getting started with an effective customer retention strategy isn’t as easy as one would hope. As we tackle the concepts that make for an effective customer retention strategy, we revisit our data-driven approach and Atrium’s method of determining your readiness to adopt intelligent solutions in aiding customer retention. Atrium uses a readiness assessment that can […]