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What If You Could:



  • Predict key client likelihood of attrition early and take corrective action?

  • Increase customer retention by a few % points?

  • Have a consistent way to measure the impact a customer’s defection would have on the business?

  • Have specific retention options presented based on a customer profile (AUM, AGE, investment history, etc? 

  • Drastically reduce churn

  • Assess cross-sell potential

  • Uncover at-risk accounts early on

Demo Preview:

Wealth asset management demo account centric view
wealth asset management demo visualize high cross sell opportunities

What’s in it for you:

Get a firsthand look at our business science embedded predictive dashboard built in Tableau to see how you can access meaningful insights and predictions on customer churn. You’ll see at-risk assets, percentage of clients at risk, total book, cross-sell potential, customer churn analysis and dataset, and more… all at a glance in our demo.

It’s very common for companies to focus energy on combating customer churn, but the reality is that once you’ve identified a customer who is about to leave, it’s often too late to entice them to stay.

The key is to identify customers at risk of churn early, before they get too far down the path, and to take preemptive action to retain them and improve the customer relationship.

With the help of Tableau, you’ll be able to use the past to predict the future.