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Contact Tracing: Focusing on the Health of Your Employees With

In our two-part series focused on helping businesses ramp back up following Covid-19, we discuss expanding the possibilities around workforce scheduling and optimization, employee sentiment with Einstein, and intelligent contact tracing. In Chris Barbour’s post on workforce scheduling and optimization, he and Eric Loftsgaarden detailed the ways in which Salesforce and are minimizing risk and maximizing reward with workforce scheduling and optimization, as well as sentiment analysis with Einstein. Here I’ll discuss the importance of contact tracing and how is using it to benefit businesses.

Reintroducing Our Affected Workforce With Health and Safety at the Forefront

These past months of living through the Covid-19 pandemic have been nothing short of devastating on our society, culture, and economy. The pace at which the coronavirus has spread creates a formidable enemy that has deeply impacted communities worldwide. The most deep-rooted problem we have faced is reducing the spread of this virus while resuming some sense of normalcy in our economy.

How can organizations prepare to reintroduce the impacted workforce, while keeping the health and safety of its workers top of mind? To address this, Salesforce has introduced and contact tracing to help organizations — and more importantly, people — reacclimate to this unfamiliar reality.

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracing is a valuable tool that aids in reducing the spread of this current pandemic and any future epidemic, by identifying individuals that could have come into contact with a person or people that have been infected by Covid-19. This allows businesses to develop an action framework of isolation for vulnerable populations of individuals within the organization, and to take the proper steps to eradicate contamination in the workplace. It also provides people within the organization awareness around their personal infection status, insights into how the diseases may be spreading, and aid in preventing future spread.

How is Using Contact Tracing, and How Can AI Affect It?

The main functionality of and AI in supporting contact tracing is to create a web of potentially infected individuals, and aid the organization in effectively and efficiently communicating with their employees. This can be done by creating an intelligent experience through connected systems, which Salesforce and provide.

Salesforce and work with contact tracing to act as a CRM that understands relationships between people. This is about focusing on the health of your employees by providing Covid-19 screenings, educational content, conducting health assessments, or reaching out to an individual that may have been exposed and providing recommendations as to what they should do to mitigate the spread. AI and machine learning can aid by providing models that predict and score individuals who are more likely to become infected because they may have had considerable contact with an infected patient in a recent time period. This can also be useful in determining areas that are more likely to have new infection clusters.

Speed, Privacy, and Safety With was created on the basis of three ideals: speed, privacy, and safety. In accelerating the identification and intake process, contact tracers can use it to pinpoint potential risks to communities — by tracing relationships across people, places, and events, as well as identifying hotspots. All of this aids contact tracers in slowing the spread of Covid-19 by immediately (and confidentially) contacting people that have potentially been exposed.

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