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Power Your Winning Customer Retention Strategy with Slack, Tableau, Service Cloud, and Atrium

Slack Whitepaper

Predicting customer churn in annual recurring revenue (ARR) for cloud services is no small feat. Whether it’s a question of poor data quality or missing data, different patterns across customer behavior, delivering an omnichannel experience, or data privacy and security, most companies today could benefit from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, data science-fueled, and business-specific approach to predicting customer churn.

In this ebook, experts from Slack and Atrium explore how the combination of Slack, Tableau, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Atrium are empowering businesses to take charge of their customer retention strategy. Get to know what it takes to harness the power of customer data in Salesforce straight from innovative Tableau dashboards, allowing teams responsible for revenue operations to see the most important churn data right from Slack… and more.